Want to Get New Clients in 2021 from Digital Marketing? Follow These Five Principles

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Want to Get New Clients in 2021 from Digital Marketing? Follow These Five Principles - read the full article about digital marketing 2021, Digital Marketing and All digital inbound channels from Twenty Over Ten -Marketing For Financial Advisors on Qualified.One

The other day someone sent me a direct message on Twitter with this amazing story.

This financial advisor said that they had a prospect book a meeting with them through their website, and it turns out that this prospect was a 10 million dollar potential prospect, and they found them through, drumroll, please...Google! This advisor who reached out to me could not believe that this person who has such a high net worth had simply went to Google when they were trying to find an advisor.

But heres what they said.

"I asked him what made him pick me and he said the website was the best one by far, and it felt like it was highly personable.

He signed on last week, were moving assets now.

Crazy to think that someone with a high net worth like that would look on Google for a planner, but when you think about it, why not? We look at Google for everything else.

Thanks for what you do, its making a difference." Im Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I am going to give you the five marketing principles that you need to follow if you also want to get 10 million dollar new clients from digital marketing this year.

Alright, so lets start right now with principle number one, which is give, give, give, ask.

So this is a marketing statement that I like to use all the time, which is really just the idea that you shouldnt be going around selling your services.

But instead, you should be sharing valuable information over and over again, and thats the give.

You want to give your expertise and your knowledge away for free as much and as often as you can, so that when the time finally comes that you ask somebody who you youve been helping through this free information for a meeting, they will be much more likely to say yes.

And when I say give away free help, I dont mean that you should have millions of consultation calls for free, but I mean, share your expertise through content.

So write blog posts, create videos like this one, host webinars, repurpose content you can share over and over again, but provide valuable information for free.

Okay, principle number two: consistency, with digital marketing, is key.

You need to be sharing information at least five times a week.

So, you want to get yourself set up on a schedule for how often youre going to create content, or have someone else be writing or producing content for you, and then a schedule for sharing as well.

The more often your name is out there, and the more consistent you are, the better your results will be.

Which leads me to point number three, is utilize the mere exposure effect to your benefit.

So, the mere exposure effect is a principle that comes to use from psychology, which tells us that we tend to rate things as things we like more the more often you see them or the more familiar you are with them.

So the more often youre in someones feed, the more often your name shows up when they log onto their Facebook channel, the more often that you can get into a regular routine of emailing them, maybe a blog post would be in a newsletter, the more likely they are to rate that they potentially like you because youre just more familiar with you.

So the consistency is key and the mere exposure effect feed into each other, points two and three.

Okay, and then moving on to number four, personalization and customization are the key to conversions.

So if you remember from that quote earlier on, that advisor said that the potential prospect said, "Your website feels so much more personable." We have so many ideas and suggestions for you on how you can make a connection and get more personable with your marketing.

Well link to another video on seven different ideas on how to forge a connection just through your website.

But things like writing your bio in first person, being funny and humorous, making sure you include pictures of you and your team that arent just, you know, your portrait or headshot photos, but photos of you with your family or out doing things, sharing a little bit more personal information on social media, like a book youre reading or ways you contribute to the community.

Those are all ways to get personable.

You also can share how you help other people just like "X." So, if you particularly work with a specific niche, talk about how you solve problems for that particular group of people, so that when another prospect who identifies as being part of that group lands on your website or is reading your social feed, they will say, "Oh, this person works with people just like me." Okay, that leads us to basic principle number five, which is: there, right now, more than ever, is a commoditization of both investment management as well as financial planning as a whole happening in the industry.

And so the advisors that are still growing are the ones that arent just selling services.

They are selling experiences and relationships.

And this is so crucial, because it really is a mindset shift.

So I still hear from advisors all the time, "I dont grow through digital marketing, I grow through referrals." You want to take that experience that youve cultivated in person and try, as much as you can, to move it to the digital space.

Because so much of our interactions are happening digitally, now more than ever.

So, how do you do that? You can host virtual events, you know, maybe you hire a sommelier and you send bottles of wine to clients and you host a virtual wine testing, or you have a really impactful speaker come.

Theres lots of different things you can do to host virtual events.

You can also think about creating really customized strategies for particular groups of people.

Anything you can do to create high-level experiences that people will remember and share with their friends, that is the take you want to make for 2021, now more than ever.

So hopefully you will find these five principles useful as youre planning out your strategy, but again, if you want more tips and tricks, make sure you subscribe to Twenty Over Tens YouTube channel, and that you like this video if you found it helpful, and check back next week because every week we post a video just like this to help you grow through digital.


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