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being a digital marketer in 2021 means spending money on apps a lot of apps seo apps email apps social media apps project management apps appetizers at applebees and all those fees can add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year which is fine if youre at a big agency or enterprise company but it can be an unnecessary expense for small businesses in this video im going to introduce you to a full stack of digital marketing tools that you can use for absolutely free be sure to check out the links below for more free resources to help you become a master digital marketer and subscribe to the hubspot youtube channel to get all the latest updates on digital marketing sales and more hubspots business was built on providing value for users long before we ask you to pay a penny thats why we forge partnerships with dozens of digital marketing services that also offer free resources that are highly usable in real world digital marketing situations but why be modest number one on our list of free digital marketing tools is hubspot from our web forms and pop-up tools to live chat software and email marketing abilities hubspot offers a suite of free digital marketing tools plus our free hubspot crm to manage all of that data to get started you might want to download our free marketing plan template which will allow you to map out your goals and strategies for your digital marketing then check out all the integrations we offer with our third-party partners to customize hubspot to meet those goals when you look at the entire hubspot ecosystem the capabilities are almost limitless and a lot of those resources offer free tier that lets you grow your digital marketing at your own pace another one of our favorite free resources is trello trello is a project management software that seamlessly integrates with hubspot automation to keep teams on time and on track the free tier of trello includes unlimited cards and members as well as up to 10 projects or boards as they call them you ask yourself how did i live without trello how did i get out of bed in the morning without trello i am lost without the software another free digital marketing tool youll never want to live without is be free befree is an email design tool that helps you create beautiful and effective emails that are a pleasure to read and responsive to all displays serious users can consider upgrading to be pro which offers one-click push to hubspots email marketing tools but heres the hack you can download the same design from be free for free copy and paste the html to hubspot and just like that same great email and all it costs you is one control c and one control the the next app on our list of essential free tools for digital marketing is hootsuite hootsuite is one of the original apps for managing your social media and its the industry standard the free version lets you manage two accounts either facebook instagram linkedin twitter or pinterest and it also allows you to schedule up to five social media posts and track their performance theres also a free integration to share data from facebook and twitter to your hubspot crm to enrich customer profiles and deliver more engaging experiences the biggest downside is that the free version only gives you one user login and theres no netflix hulu hop in with hootsuite free unfortunately theyre they know your ways sherry now that youre ready to start scheduling posts youre going to need to create some art for your feed a single campaign can require dozens if not hundreds of visual assets which is why canva is number five on our list of free digital marketing tools canva is a web and app-based design tool that lets anyone create professional-looking visual assets with a minimum of design training literally i can do it it look that that means anyone can do it they have templates for every conceivable digital platform from youtube thumbnails and facebook posts to instagram stories and tech talk videos you can also make zoom backgrounds the free tier of canva comes with hundreds of thousands of templates graphics fonts and photos that you can use it also allows you to collaborate with your team on design in real time best of all it integrates directly with hubspot so that your awesome looking assets can be deployed with a minimum of clicks then track each post to determine its overall success canva is also useful if youre starting a new business with tools for designing logos you can even design a free website using their web templates then optimize that website for seo using our final free digital marketing app right right is a set of tools that provides seo evaluation of your website plus keyword analytics content optimization and even bot logging so you can see what the bots see what the algorithms see [Music] hubspot and wright teamed up to create the complete seo starter pack which you can download for free using the link in the description theres also a link to our free marketing plan template which will help you make the best use of all the free tools we just discussed and when youre really ready to dive in take the free digital marketing course online from hubspot academy until then im going to keep keeping up with right were getting rid of jerry im sorry jerry you had it coming ill see you next time and while im waiting for you to do that me and wright were gonna be teaming up some more baby just doing stuff with seo and stuff like that all the good stuff

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