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hello and thank you for watching this  video today i will show you how you can import reviews from amazon to  your store or commerce computers so i will show you first result so you  click import review you have all the reviews including images and all the details here  and from here you can load more reviews and then you click import okay now i will go step  step by step to show you how to do this and how to install the tools necessary necessary for this  so the first thing to do is to go to the chrome extension web store so you write on google chrome  extension store and then you look for here i leave you this will search the extension i  review by who shark actually it was previously called do shark and then its called i review  so this is the new version of the extension what you need to do is you click on add to  chrome and thats all actually so it will take a few seconds to be installed once installed  you go to any amazon product page and you click on setup configuration so this actually  allows us to set up the connection to our store so we will do this only once and then thats  all you will not need to do this anymore okay here we need to paste the wordpress url here two keys that you will generate together and here  if you have to share the premiere version of the extension you need to paste the code here so the  first thing to do is to go to the your dashboard and what you need to do is to copy all you go to  the url and you copy all the section before the slash wp admin okay when you copy it you will  copy with it actually your ssl certificate if it is http or https you see for example here i  have gtp so it has copied this so its mandatory that this start with http or https according  you have ssl or not so you can leave this slash or you can remove it as well this will not  change anything then to generate these two keys this is very easy what you need to do is to go  to your water press go to woocommerce settings then go to advanced tab then on advanced youll see this  rest api here you click for it then you see all these r keys that have  generated you can just generate any number of key you want so here you just write the name and  here make sure you write you set read and write permission otherwise it will not work you  need the read and the right permission then you generate the keys so you have first key you paste  it here you have the second key you paste it here and then you connect if you dont have the activation code you will  see sorry ill go back again youll see this orange notification connected successfully so  you are connected to your store successfully activation code not valid free version is enabled  so like this we will enable the free version its not mandatory to purchase the premium  version so you can enable the free version and thats all the configuration thats needed  to be done you just need to reload the page and youll see again so this button you just  ignored and you have the button called import review we will try to import reviews of this  product here so you click import reviews and then by default you have 90 review loaded  here so first thing we need to do is to fill this product id from here so what does  this used for is used to insert the reviews to the specific product id  okay imagine i will create new product and i will get the id from  there so i will add a new i call it live demo and then  i will publish that product okay how to get the product id we have different  ways to do that i will go again to the list of products and by hovering on the item name i  can get the id from here otherwise i select it and i can find it on the url so the id is  73918 for you it will be different you just need to paste it here and thats all so  i will go step by step with you to check the options so here by default you  see that you have the username of the review you have the review itself you have the  creation date the rating the tag if you want to add any tag this is useful actually for example  imagine you add some tags here exactly stylish the tag is added here with the color that you  have just choose you can add some other colors for example ill add design for example and then  its added here sorry so in the view contain images youll see that the images will be  displayed here you can modify them actually you can display them in different rows just using  your keyword and then you see when you hover one image it see like it will be scaling this  actually will be the same case when you import the product to your store and you will see that  later example i will remove the stacks from here okay i have all all the reviews here and i have also the possibility to add a  new review so if i click add review and i want to write my own review it should  be added at the end and then i can write me and then this is a cool product  and here you just put the email video for example and then i set the review two four three and  then the dates so i can put to october 201 okay then i have this section here advances i  think unfortunately this section is only for premium use so if you dont have the activation  code you will not be able to use any one of this i will have i will create another video which  will allow to display to to explain to you what are this option are used for i will just  go very fast through them so this is will this option will filter the review without with  no images this will filter only review with images this is useful if you only want to keep review  with images if you want to remove all the images you just click here you can click this utility  to add just small icon here that display the first letter of the username some people find it  useful and here if you want to filter only five reviews five stars reviews so you will hide  all the four stars and three star searches this will allow you to replace some words for  example if you want to replace amazon with your store name you can just place amazon here and you  install name here sorry its here this is very useful for ceo if you want to add some external  links you know that external links are useful for ceo so just add the words here the word here  and then the link here and you click on the button and it should be changed every year on the reviews  and you add the external link whenever it finds that word the same thing here you can change  all the emails here you can filter by keyword for example if you want to keep only reviews that  contain the mode you just paste it here and you click review and so on so because i have the free  version review i will only to import 10 reviews at a time and they will be able to import 60 reviews  on the day this is quite good because on the month you have quite 1 800 reviews that you can import  with the free version of the extension you can also export the csv of all the reviews this kind  this is just very useful for people who want to you see here you can see the  username the images the content rating and the creation bit same thing  you can download all the images here so when you click download images all these  images will be downloaded to your computer it will the name will be the azine the creation date so  if i click imports this will import the 10 reviews the first time reviews you see free version  enabled only 10 reviews will be imported maximum of 10 reviews so we see that the reviews have been  successfully imported if i go to the product page i will see that there are 10 reviews exactly  some of them contain images so if you click here i will see the image which go a  little bit bigger the same thing here the stars the title the content the date of  the review so all the data should be in 2021 and soon on 2022 it will be also included i hope you like this video i  will create a video for a premium version which is very interesting and it can  help you to improve sale of your store and make it accessible to more users  thank you ill see you on next video

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