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whats up guys so bruce lee kung fu expert didnt  know that much about seo honestly once said that you should flow like water and if youre watching  this you may be thinking what on earth does that have to do with seo julian how does that affect  google updates well what i would say is that we can all learn from this philosophy so that we can  adopt a winning mindset when it comes to algorithm updates and ranking your website hiring if you can  learn from this video if you can take the ideas from this video and apply it to your website then  you have a much higher chance of ranking on google so with that lets jump in so one question i get  asked a lot when it comes to algorithm updates is if a google algorithm update comes along  should you change your strategy should you does it change everything youre going to do with  seo and your whole processes that youve built already and what i would say is that the strategy  always remains the same the goal always remains the same and thats to provide the best possible  user experience for visitors who come to your website so all the customers all the leads all the  sales that come to your site should get the best possible user experience and if you focus on that  then all of a sudden the links that you build your website the content that you built your website  even the conversion rate optimization on your site improves so for example if you look at  and you look at how theyve optimized their site to make sure its as easy as possible for users  to buy from their website to have a good customer experience then you realize that actually the  strategy always remains the same now one thing i would say is that just like that water example you  have to continually improve and learn along the way you cant stagnate okay because for example  if you have an seo strategy and you have content writers in place you have people optimizing your  on-page seo you have to continually improve that you cant stop just like water you know flowing  along and it keeps moving you cant really stop it its the same with seo you have to continually  improve keep learning along the way and keep developing the processes for your website  so your strategy doesnt change when it comes to google algorithm updates but the tactics you use  will the processes will improve everything has to keep moving because if you stagnate if you stop  improving your processes your competitors wont and they will continually improve and eventually  outrank you i mean for example if you look at the two core updates there was one in july this year  and there was one in june which is pretty brutal i know from google to release two updates in one  year is savage but at the same time if you havent been improving your processes then these core  updates so you analyze your whole site they analyze all the core vitals for your site and  if youve been stagnating for the last year obviously competitors have been improving then  all of a sudden theyre gonna rank you and your traffic is gonna get hit and youre gonna lose a  lot of the rankings you had on google previously now what i would say with google algorithm  updates is that no obstacle should stop you so whatever comes your way whether your traffic  gets hit whether your rankings get hit whether one google algorithm update really  impacts your site maybe you lose like 50 of your traffic that shouldnt stop you just like  water is flowing down the stream and it moves around the rocks and the pebbles and everything  thats in its way you should continually find a way around every single challenge that you  have with seo i mean for example right i worked with one link building client and before they  hired us their traffic got hit by decembers google album update last year and it took a big  drop i think they lost like 20 or 30 percent of their traffic overnight with this update and  all of a sudden they were losing traffic they were losing leads they were losing sales but this  client ronnie teja when he was running his website he didnt want to stop there he didnt want to  just accept the results from that he found a way around it and what he did was he hired us  for link building and we built higher quality links we built more of them and within a couple of  months their traffic just skyrocketed they in fact grew to a higher position than they were in before  and thats the beauty of algorithm updates is that it gives you an obstacle but if you learn  and improve from that then actually youll come out at a stronger position with seo  youll come out with a better strategy for seo and a better process which means better  results in the long run and with these sort of problems that you get with updates all the  challenges that come along with it if you can learn from them then youll come out stronger  youll come out winning and it will make you have a better website and a better process in the  long run now what i would say with any sort of seo news that comes out with new information with  algorithm updates for example they can impact a lot of the tactics that you use for seo you should  approach these sort of things with an empty cup mindset right and what i mean by this is  if you have a cup and its full of water and you pour more water in then its just  going to overflow and go everywhere right and its the same with seo in your mindset  if you come along with your preconceptions your pre-existing ideas some comparisons and  its this full cup of ideas that you have and basically if you think you know  like everything when it comes to seo and then all of a sudden people try  and pour more information into that cup youre not going to be able to let it in and  you wont learn anything from what other people teach you so this empty cup mindset will help you  a lot when it comes to seo because most people dont want to learn new things they dont want  to improve they just want to continually stagnate with their previous processes they think they  know everything right so for example you see a lot of people right now who are totally against  artificial intelligence and content writing and this could be a big game changer for the industry  might not be ready right now might not be ready in 6 or 12 months but eventually with artificial  intelligence and content writing seo may completely change it may transform as an industry  and you can either adapt and improve based on that or you can stagnate and fall behind whilst your  competitors are quickly learning and improving from these sort of developments so you really  have to approach seo with the mindset that yeah i dont know everything there may be information  that i dont know and if i can learn from that then i will improve and ill get better results  with seo so thanks for watching guys i hope this video helped you by the way i do run a link  building agency thats at ill leave the link in description and if you want more  backlinks theyre going to increase your traffic get you more leads getting more sales  from google then feel free to book in a free 30-minute consultation but well teach you a  tried and tested proven strategy for link building and ranking your website higher on google  this is the same strategy that weve used to help hundreds of clients and im sure that  it can help your website too so feel free to book that in thats it thanks  for watching and see you on the other side you

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