Facebook Ads Trends for 2021 for Better Returns on Ad Spend

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- Facebook advertising best practices are changing.

In this video, Im gonna share five trends that are super cool that will get you a better return on your ad spend.

And dont forget to stay to the end because Im sharing a brand new trend that I think youre definitely going to wanna know about.

(soft music) While Im going to be sharing some very specific things you can be doing, the first trend is very big picture.

When you are running successful Facebook and Instagram ads, I want you to consider always matching the newsfeed.

The best ads that I have run and seen always match the newsfeed in terms of the copy, the imagery.

It feels like an organic posts, something Im excited to read.

It doesnt feel like an advertisement or overly hyped.

So when youre thinking about running successful campaigns, I always want you to keep in mind, match the newsfeed, but stand out.

So lets talk about ways to stand out.

Trend number two, soften up your grammar.

A lot of advertisers are a little bit stuffy with how theyre saying things in their ads.

And you have to remember that Facebook is a very casual platform, so its okay to soften up your grammar.

If your target demographic is lets say in their 20s or even 30s, look at how theyre texting and try to make your ads match that texting style.

Its a fun experiment and sometimes it works really well.

You might notice for example people in their 20 often dont use a lot of punctuation.

Your ads can reflect that same type of writing style, and you might see your results get even a little bit better.

Now, if it would feel too off-brand to lighten up your grammar or maybe even drop your punctuation, then dont do it.

You definitely want to stay on-brand, but if your brand has a little bit more of a casual vibe, thats where I think you can really experiment with this technique.

Now, the third key trend is video, and I know I sound like a broken record because everybody is telling you that all marketing is moving towards video, but its true.

The second you bring motion into your ads, people pay more attention.

So two things that you can play with with video is number one, getting rid of the mindset that it all has to be high production value and look like a commercial that you could put on TV.

Thats not true.

In fact, you want to match the newsfeed, so videos that you take even on your smartphone can be super effective.

So dont be afraid of having a little bit of a lower production value still high value content and getting your videos out there.

The second thing with videos is to shorten them up.

Sometimes it can be very intimidating to think about video because you might think you need a three to five minute or longer scripted video and that it needs to be super polished and professional, and one way to kind shortcut getting out of that mindset is just to shorten your video.

Go ahead and play with 20 second videos, 30 second videos.

You will probably be surprised how much you can fit into a very short video and how effective it can be in your ads.

For trend number four, I cant talk about video without also talking about your static imagery.

Oftentimes business owners and marketers think that everything has to be this really fancy professional shoot, but actually, what often works better on Facebook and Instagram is something that feels more authentic, more casual, more out in the wild if you will.

So I want you to focus on relaxing your imagery just a smidge and see what kind of impact that has.

For trend number five, Im actually going to debunk a trend that Ive heard.

So the trend that Ive heard is theres a golden length of copy, this many characters or this many sentences.

And the truth is you want to always test your copy links and this is where ads either get ahead or fall behind.

So I want you to always be sure that you are testing your copy length.

I always recommend testing a short version of your copy thats one to two sentences, really short and snappy kind of punchy.

You want to test a medium copy link thats three to four sentences, so a little bit longer.

And you want to test a longer version of your copy that could be a couple paragraphs plus.

So it could be a couple of short paragraphs, it could be as long as it takes to tell the story.

Now, as promised, Ive got a couple of fun bonuses for you to experiment with.

First is experiment with emojis.

Weve had so much success including emojis into our ad copy and even on the images.

So dont be afraid to go wild with emojis and see what your audience likes.

You might be surprised to see that they absolutely love emojis and maybe even certain emojis from your brand.

And the next thing you can experiment with is using reels-style content for your Instagram story ads.

These shorter, more dynamic, fun types of ads are definitely going to be the next big trend and big wave in ad creation.

So start experimenting with these and see how they do for you.

Now, just as important as it is to capitalize on trends, you also want to avoid the biggest ad mistakes.

So click over here right now and Im going to share with you the biggest mistakes that advertisers are making on the platform and how to avoid them.

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