If Software Engineering Is In Demand, Why Is It so Hard To Get a Software Engineering job?

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If Software Engineering Is In Demand, Why Is It so Hard To Get a Software Engineering job? - read the full article about software development 2021, Software Development and from Tiff In Tech on Qualified.One
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if software development and software engineering  is so in demand why is it so hard to land a job hey friends welcome back to my channel today  im going to be answering that question its someone who is a software developer and has  been both interviewer and interviewee im really going to go into why is it so difficult to get a  job if youve gone to school for computer science or self-taught yourself or even went to a coding  boot camp different scenarios face different issues but i really want to talk about today about  why it is so difficult or it seems so difficult to land a job as a software developer or software  engineer you see over and over again from news articles to different blog posts how in demand  software development and software engineering is in the same breath you also seem to hear from  different people in the industry how difficult it was to land especially their first job and  its really hard to understand how can both statements be so true its difficult to land  a job but yet theres so much demand for these roles where is whats going on here today i want  to really break it down for you as to what im thinking anyways is the reason behind this before  we get into it though i want to share with you a statistic to share with you really how rapidly  and further in demand these roles are becoming over the next 10 years bls estimates the u.s labor  market will add 316 thousand software developer jobs which is a phenomenal 22 percent growth rate  or an average of about 31 000 new jobs each year this statistic is mind-blowing there are very  very few and far between jobs that are growing at that rate of 22 for demand its crazy so then  comes the question well why is it so hard to get a job as a software developer or software  engineer one of the main reasons i think it can be difficult for a software developer  or engineer to land a first job is because software itself is so broad and companies are  looking typically for a very specific skill set to fill a need so if you are someone whos applying  to front-end developer roles but you find most companies currently are looking for back-end  developers theres your issue number one a lot of times companies wont completely do a 180 and hire  someone who doesnt have any experience in what theyre looking for but has experience in other  areas now this isnt always the case but typically they will hold out and wait to find someone who is  more along the lines of what they are looking for and while some companies will be  willing to invest in the individual train them on their technologies and really  see the benefit of hiring someone that maybe is more junior or doesnt have any experience  with the technologies they are being used the benefit meaning that they will be able to be  trained in a way that they dont come in with any bad habits theyre able to learn how to structure  the code use the technology in the way that works best for the company another reason i really think  it can be hard to land a software developer or a software engineering role is because technical  interviews are kind of a game in their own way and what i mean by that is technical interviews  are structured in a way that the company is hoping to find the best candidate possible however  there are so many flaws in technical interviews and when people are doing technical interviews  even the best of the best can stumble and get nervous and if you are even a really amazing  programmer you can fail at technical interviews the technical interview process has gotten a lot  better and companies are starting to realize this but it definitely has a long way to go regardless  if you like technical interviews or dont i think one thing we can all agree on to a certain  degree is the tests or the problems you are solving during a technical interview are not  what you will be doing in real world scenarios its more more so to show your way of thinking do  you have logical skills communication skills but some companies take this so literally and rather  than looking for the important things like that theyre looking for can you solve this problem and  if you can youre great if you cant i dont know and those companies unfortunately even though  they are few and far between they do exist another issue i see especially with technical  interviews is a lot of times when you are doing a coding more so coding interview specifically  youll be able to code in whatever language youre comfortable with which is great thats a bonus  but if the interviewer themselves are not familiar with that language they are a technical person  but not familiar with the language it can kind of put a barrier between you and the interviewer  and maybe they will naturally gravitate towards someone who is coding in a language that they are  familiar with another reason i think it can be so hard to land your job or your first job anyways  as a software developer or software engineer is the interview process is grueling there are  typically at least three different interview steps or different interviews to land a job  and throughout these different interviews you are talking to so many people that your resume  can get kind of lost between the cracks or even if you are the best candidate sometimes this can  go missed a lot of times too if you are applying to a company and there are other applicants  who maybe have some ties within the company that can sometimes cause some gray areas as  well and if the other candidates are referred i mean a lot of times companies will go with  referrals because they know that if its referred by a great employee theyre hoping that this  referral will be great as well so i think the real question here is not so much as to why is it so  hard to get your first job or a job as a software developer or engineer but the real question is how  do we better how do we fix the interview process the technical interview process that seems to  be causing so many people to fall through the cracks and that is a question that is so big and  so vast i dont even know where to begin with that and there are so many layers to it but i think  one thing that we can do as software developers or software engineers especially when you are  looking for a job and finding it difficult is honestly stick with it and take the feedback  thats coming your way but if youre not really getting any feedback maybe even ask the  interviewer why did you go with someone else or what you know why did you we not connect  or why didnt you choose me dont actually say why didnt you choose me but more so or less have  an understanding as to why they went with someone else and a lot of times having that understanding  and communicating with the interviewer for feedback it will tell you if its actually  something that you need to improve on or if it is just the process and for various reasons they went  with someone else i remember when i was looking for my first job as a software developer i think  i applied to oh i was doing like 10 companies a day or something crazy like that it took a  long time especially if you dont have any prior experience to find a company who is willing  to take a chance on you especially as a junior its not impossible im speaking firsthand it  will happen but you have to be persistent and also recognize that the process for interviewing  and applying to so many companies is completely normal youre going to have to apply to a lot  of companies typically maybe youll get lucky before you land that first job oftentimes once you  land your first job though there is like a switch that goes off and all of a sudden recruiters will  be hitting you up asking you to come work for that their company and so much more so do not lose  faith you really just have to go through this process of having the difficulty of landing a  software developer or software engineering job usually just at the beginning of your career  that being said it does happen throughout your career for many people for various reasons but  right now the market is needing so many more developers and engineers not just any really  good quality ones and thats key to note as well companies arent just looking to hire developers  to code they want good developers they want developers that can code in the best way possible  communicate be team players and so much more i hope this gives you some further insight as  to why it is so hard to land a job as a software developer a software engineer if there is so  many roles in demand or these roles are so in demand the reality is its just a process and you  have to be part of that process and youre going to fall through the cracks sometimes and other  times youre going to get picked up by these amazing companies thank you all for watching my  video i hope this was valuable for anyone who is going through the interview process or had  this question before as to why is it so difficult leave in the comments other questions you have  or other video topics you want me to cover and i will see you all soon make sure though  to hit that subscribe button for more tech and coding related videos give this  video a thumbs up and bye everyone

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