How to become a Video Editor without a Media Degree?

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How to become a Video Editor without a Media Degree? - read the full article about video editing software, Video production and In motion from Bella Han on Qualified.One
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Can you become a Video Editor  without a Degree in Media Production?  Yes, you dont have to study any degree to  be a Video Editor, but dont get me wrong,  you do get a comprehensive industrial  training by studying Media Production Degree. but not everyone has the time and budget for that. Today, Im going to share with you  how I became a full-time Video Editor without a Degree in Media Production and without  spending any money on learning how to edit videos Hi, Im Bella. Welcome to my channel! Im from  Taiwan and Im currently working in Singapore. I have a Degree in Business Marketing. I started  my video editing career right after my graduation. Im working at Wargaming now, and I create videos  and digital content for World of Tanks Asia. I really love my job! First, I didnt pay  for any video editing course. In fact, I learned video editing by accident. It was  on the first day of my first job, which was a Marketing Executive at a Singapore liquor retail  company. My boss asked me to create video weekly. At that time, I didnt know how to create  video at all, but I told him that I will try. I was so stressed and tired but I learned  everything from Google and YouTube, and it worked! So, I kept the production going and  thats how I kept my job and my visa in Singapore. And that was also the turning point when I  decided to become a full-time video editor as my career path. So, how if you want to find  a video as a job in the company, but you dont have a Degree and youre not planning to get a  Degree anytime soon? I totally support the idea of self-learning when it comes to video editing.  However, when it comes to job market, a company is usually facing double to triple digits of  candidates for just one single job position it is sad to say that the recruiters do look at  your educational qualification. However, when it comes to finding a Video Editor or a Digital  Artist, the recruiters weighed more on your art portfolio than your education. For example,  before I joined Wargaming, I got a technical test which is to create a video for World of Tanks. I  only got less than one week to complete the test. That was even before the actual interview. So  the company was filtering out the candidate based on the portfolio and the technical test. I  worked really really hard on the technical test, and thats how I landed my current job. I totally  encourage you to try your best on a technical test when it comes to interview. Also, build your art  portfolio, youll definitely stand a chance to get a job in a company, even you are without a Degree.  How to self-learn video editing without a teacher, even for free? So, when it comes to video editing  youll need to learn at least one video software. My recommendation is "Adobe Premiere Pro". Adobe  Premiere Pro is to the industrial standard. You can level up your career easily  because most of the design agency and the video production house they are using  Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, if you are iOS system user, "Final Cut" is popular among the video  creators. These video software are not for free. I know theres a lot of amazing and  free video editing software online, but my channel is for people who want to  find a video editing job as their career. So, I want you to learn the most recognizable and  the most wanted software skill in the job market. But once you start working, your company  will provide you your Adobe Subscription and a hardware; a proper laptop or desktop for you to  create amazing videos. But if your future employer doesnt want to pay for your Adobe subscription  or even ask you to bring your own laptop to work, you have to think twice before you join the  company. It is based on my personal experience, I think a good business owner knows the importance  of investment in the necessary stuffs. Also, please dont get a jailbreak version  of the software. If it breaks down, the hours and weeks that you spend on the  project is gone. You are basically losing money because you waste your time. There  are two ways of learning video editing: the first one is to buy online courses. It  can be one thousand dollars for 12 week. The benefit of online courses is that its built  by professionals. You can learn a software in 12 weeks systematically. They will also provide you  a lot of practice to do, and they will also review your works in the final weeks. However, three  years ago, I was a fresh grad. I didnt have any budget to buy online course. So, I learned  it in my way which is to create videos weekly. Only when you start editing, you know what kind  of skills that you need to learn. For example, if youre making interview videos, you might want to  learn the most efficient way to put up subtitles. If youre into vlogging, then you can learn some  cool video transition effects that levels up your video. If youre new to video editing, its  totally fine. Just list down five video that you want to make and try to make it within months  or two. You might feel its difficult and scary because you dont know how to make video at all.  But dont worry! Theres so many tutorial videos online and Im planning to make another video  to help you to build your job market portfolio. Three years in this industry, I didnt find any  problem that has no solution on Google or YouTube. You can find everything online, you just need  to find it yourself. Are you still hesitating of being a Video Editor? I dont know about other  country, but in Singapore a foreigner like me is very hard to find a job that offers me a  work visa. But after I have video editing skill, I got a lot of job opportunities. I can  say that video editing is a rare skill, it has market demand. Also, as long as  YouTube exists, the world needs Video Editors! Finally, I want to say that we all need to work  to support our day-to-day spending. I truly truly hope that you can find a little joy and happiness  in your job because we spend most of time working. I really love creating videos and art, and  I am working in the gaming industry. But not every day is rainbows and unicorn.  Sometimes, you just feel tired and stressed. But if you enjoy creation, storytelling,  visual communication or even music, you can consider being a Video Editor. The  best moment of being a Video Editor for me is that you know you deliver the emotion, message,  and story to the audience through the video, and your work is visible to everyone  because of internet. You have audience, sometimes the audiences like your video, and they  appreciate the video. The sense of achievement is huge for me! And who knows video editing might  lead you to your dream company one day. Im Bella. Thank you for watching! This is my first YouTube  video and Im going to create more and more video to help you to find a job in video editing. Please  follow my channel and leave the thumbs up. Feel free to leave some comments. Just ask me questions  or talk to me. If you are currently finding the job in video editing, I might be able to help  you to give you suggestions. Cheers! bye bye^_^

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