Ace the Data Science Interview

Book by Kevin Huo

Kevin Huo Product/Solution Architect

Authored by two Ex-Facebook employees, Ace the Data Science Interview is the best way to prepare for Data Science, Data Analyst, and Machine Learning interviews, so that you can land your dream job at FAANG, tech startups, or Wall Street.

Data Science interviews cover probability, statistics, machine learning, sql & database design, python coding questions, and product sense. Thats why ace the data science interview has a chapter dedicated to every topic - it's everything your looking for for data science, data analyst, and machine learning interviews.

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF has 201 questions from actual data scientist interviews, with full solutions to each problem. These interview problems come from companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Stripe, Uber and Citadel.

As the volume, speed, and variety of data grows every day, the demand for skilled data scientists and analysts rises. Based on the experience in job interviews or networking with colleagues, we believe that many prospective candidates struggle to pass the initial interview stage because they are unaware of the sample questions they must prepare beforehand. Therefore, in this tutorial, we'll focus on presenting and discussing the most relevant theoretical and practice questions that a candidate might face during an interview.

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF reviews

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF review by Amazon Buyer

Let me start by saying simply that Nick and Kevin (the authors) have produced a wonderful book (a must read). First and foremost, it is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about data science. It teaches you how to get yourself in the right place at the right time. You'll find yourself asking questions such as "how did he/she get hired?" and "what should I say to get the next position?". Without a plan to do so, your resume is floating around in a sea of other resumes from other hopefulls. This book shows you precisely how to succeed on the most important part of the process - the interview. If the book only ended there, it would still be worth the purchase, however, it doesn't. The author takes the time to walk you through a solid core of skills needed to be successful in the field. He also provides you with the tools to be able to demonstrate these skills during interviews. Finally, he gives you plenty of exercises to reinforce what you have learned. This book is a must read for any aspiring data scientist.

Ace the Data Science Interview book review by Sabrina

I read a comment on Linkedin recommended on this book, get it within 48 hours. In 290 pages, everything about interview tips, knowledge in statistics, databases, machine learning: you need to know enough for an interview, I love interview questions with easy, medium and difficult model answers. Instead of studying with an oceanic amount of material, it is essential and narrows down the scope.

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF book eview by LRS123

I used this book to prepare for a recent interview with a data scientist. It was very comprehensive and covers many topics, including chapters on CV/curriculum preparation, good portfolio designs, behavioural interviewing, probability, statistics, machine learning, coding/data structures and algorithms, SQL and database design, product sense and case studies. What I liked most was the breadth of the book. The only downside I could think of was that I would have liked to have seen a concrete example of a challenge to take home in the book, although I recognise that the authors state that they were difficult to incorporate into the book due to the differences from company to company, the length and the need for a real data set.

Ace the Data Science Interview by Kevin Huo PDF review by Usama Azhar

This book covers all aspects of data science and if you've just started your journey into data science and you feel like I'm learning new things every day and you're still confused as to how this is all going to work out, this is the ultimate guide. I got it at the end of my Masters in Data Science and this for me is kind of a summary of what I learnt during my masters and also how this can be used in real business contexts.

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF review by shing

I am using this book and the associated Data Lemur website that Nick recently launched. Lots of hard SQL questions and practice with ML + Stats. Nick personally responds to emails and is very passionate about developing his business.

Key points: the product case questions are great and while you won't be asked those specific questions, the frameworks they teach to answer them can be applied to most, if not all, interview questions I've seen in my data scientist career.

The SQL practice is useful (although I bought Data Lemur and seeing their words coded in Solutions probably makes a big difference). The Statistics section is great, not too dense like a normal textbook and enough content to get you through most of the technical/mathematical screens. I can't speak much with the ML or programming sections, but from what I've heard from friends the programming section will help you move up to a Senior or Lead position (Study the Algos!)

I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about buying the book. Some people have said that the book is sometimes a bit cringe-worthy with the jokes and references. However, I think this is just the author trying to relate to his audience, as I found all the jokes and humorous references to be well-distributed throughout the book and provide a rather refreshing break to the technical details he includes.

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF book review by Vi

One of the best books ever for a data scientist. Everything is well thought out and I learnt so much from it. The only thing I wish is that they would publish an ebook, so finding the topics can be easier.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Michael Bryant

The book needs a second edition to correct errors in the coding section and the broken hyperlink, but otherwise it is an excellent resource for interview preparation. One of the authors also has a website called Data Lemur where some of the SQL practice problems can be accessed


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Kevin F.

There are so many topics related to data science and it is honestly really difficult to choose which ones are more important than others because they are all very important. It is also very easy to study a topic in depth and never take a word of it.

This book prevents you from doing that. It tells you which topics you should spend more time on now and keeps you on the right track. It also summarises how far you should go on each topic so that you don't hide for hours.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Marko

Really fantastic book, which unequivocally demonstrates the importance of thorough preparation for the job interview. The chapter Product Sense was a real gem for me, it is useful knowledge for the job itself, not just for interview preparation.

Ace the Data Science Interview book review by Leah N.

What you will not find in this book is a complete and in-depth study of every topic necessary to be hired as a data scientist. It is not a textbook to teach you these concepts.

What this book does cover are the topics that could be asked during the interview process in a condensed format, as a review. This book assumes that you have already done what it takes to learn the material thoroughly, through courses and projects, and gives you guidance on which topics are most important during the interview process, so that you can hone those skills and have them available to show during your next interview. Browsing through the book shows where there are gaps in learning, where concepts are a bit rusty, and gives you an idea of the hierarchy of importance for the large number of skills required in this field. It is then up to you to look for other resources to fill these gaps. This book encouraged me to get uncomfortable, get out of the way and make contacts to get my first job as a data scientist.

I highly recommend this book to anyone starting their journey in data science. It gives you the roadmap on how to get that first role and has been an invaluable resource not only for me, but for everyone I have recommended it to.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Adriana G.

"Ace the Data Science Interview" covers most of what you need to know in order to get the initial telephone screening and get good results in both behavioural and technical interviews.

With such a complex and all-encompassing interview process that is unfortunately becoming more and more standardised by FAANG and other large technology companies, this book really helps you digest what to expect and how to answer various questions that might arise.

On the technical side, the book divides the technical chapters into 7 categories (with some overlap) of Probability, Statistics, Machine Learning, SQL & DB Design, Coding, Product Sense and Case Studies. Although the book covers the most important concepts of these topics, you should definitely have a decent to thorough knowledge of them beforehand (with the exception of Product Sense and Case Studies). The real value of the technical part of this book comes from the sample questions and answers that exemplify good answers to realistic questions. Besides the technical aspects, I also derived a lot of value from their advice on how to prepare for the behavioural interview.

The book also encourages and guides you to go above and beyond for your interviews, something I would not recommend for a job prospect that you are not excited about but worthwhile for who you are. For example, I took the advice to learn everything about my interviewers in advance to ask them personalised questions that would allow for a friendlier environment.

There are some downsides such as typos and the theoretical part of the machine learning chapter was not that useful. It seems like they were in a bit of a hurry to publish this book, but honestly, you shouldn't come to this book to learn machine learning and if you can look past the typos, this book is of great value to a data scientist looking to launch their career.

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF review by Eugenena

The book gives a good overview of the application process and the broader topics that could be covered during the interview process. What I liked about the book includes:
(1) the approach to take in terms of job search. The book includes a specific chapter on how to send a cold email to the right person or recruiter for the job.
(2) All the interview questions include example answers that guide you through the steps you need to take to address the questions.
(3) Personally, I really like the last chapter on case study interviews. It includes a number of real business cases to solve that give you an idea of the types of problems you might solve working as a data scientist.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Amazon Customer

Although I had been working as a data scientist since before 'data science' became a buzzword, I was recruited for a position in data science in the 'big tech' sector. I was not necessarily looking for new opportunities when the recruiter contacted me, but I was interested. I usually approach interviews with some background on the company, the role and refine my CV and originally, that's how I approached this interview. Eventually, however, I learnt that many 'big tech' companies have a considerable breadth of knowledge that they cover in their interviews, so I started to investigate what I could expect.

The initial recruiter screen followed by the first technical screen on the phone was simple. After being informed that I would be moved to the final stage, I wanted to investigate what my knowledge might be lacking. I don't remember how I found out about this book (probably through some blog about "beating the company interview!") but "Ace the Data Science Interview" turned out to be extremely useful.

Much of the content was a reminder of what I needed to study, things I had forgotten since I was an undergraduate, especially in the chapters on probability and statistics. The sample questions in these chapters were great, bringing me back into the mindset of a test candidate, making sure I understood the question, before diving in. The chapter on product sense was the most useful for me as it codified much of the work I have been doing over the last few gigs. Even though I'm not a product manager, much of the product sense chapter helps non PMS people start thinking like a PM and that chapter was a great introduction to that part of the interview.

Was it the only resource I used to get an offer? No. You need a lot of preparation if you want to get good results in a knowledge-based interview. Among the resources I used to prepare for the interview, was this the best one? Yes. I put together study guides, read and researched and bought domain-specific books, but "Ace the Data Science Interview" was definitely the best resource I had to prepare for this interview.


Ace the Data Science Interview PDF review by Milena Georgieva

My personal mission is to help young people find their dream job and succeed in their career. Over the years I have been asked a million times, "What would I be asked during the interview?" And believe it or not, it's not just young people. As a technical person I always start talking about algorithms, data structures, logic, etc. But this book gave more. What I really like are the first chapters where you will find valuable advice on how to behave during the interview, how to write your CV that will take you to the interview. Believe it or not, even with the internet I constantly get CVs that don't even go well.

One of my favourite topics, Statistics and Probability, is covered with a good level of depth. I like example activities and explanations. I really don't like books without answers. How does a young person know if they are right or wrong.

My personal opinion is that the book will only serve you well. I hope to see a new and bigger edition with more example activities. I will definitely recommend it to my students as well. Everyone dreams of a career at Facebook and Google!

Great job guys! Thank you!

Ace the Data Science Interview PDF review by Y.M.

This book serves as a comprehensive review cheatsheet for those who ALREADY know and use ML/data science in their academic programmes/daily work. It gives a good overview of all the techniques and knowledge. BUT it does not go into details. So if you are a newcomer to DS, don't buy this book. But as an experienced DS professional, you will love this book to help you brush up on your knowledge. Also, there are many typos in this book... they need a better proofreader....


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Chris Lundberg

'Ace the Data Science Interview' is the only book you need to prepare for data science interviews.

Data science is a rapidly evolving field and although the emergence of academic data science programmes may mean that candidates have at least some exposure to the different skills required, all have gaps in their knowledge. Although potential data scientists may have a solid understanding of the required subject matter, interviewing is a skill. This book will help you prepare for technical and behavioural interviews.

This book contains great tips on how to network, write cold emails and get the attention of hiring managers, but the real value here are the sample interview questions, which range from easy to quite difficult. Whether you are looking to get into data science or are a data scientist looking for a new challenge, this book will help you use your time effectively in preparing for interviews.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Hristo Bustamante

I think this book is great for covering a wide range of topics and providing relevant examples. There are different problem sets and solutions are also provided. The authors are very easily recognisable and try to keep the different sections interesting by sharing anecdotes or providing personal experiences. The only drawback in my opinion was the statistics and probability section. I felt that the solutions were not explained well enough and became rather confusing. Overall, very good book to gain more knowledge and prepare for career advancement.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Luis Macias

Excellent book covering all topics related to data science! If you just need a quick refresher or want to know the basics this is the book!

It covers everything from interview skills to the technical stuff you need to know! It guides you through the topics you need to know more about, but don't get it wrong, with one book you won't gain all the knowledge you need, it will just point you in the right direction and the right topics to delve into, and it does it fantastically! A highly recommended book if you are just starting out or if you already have experience!

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Kavanster

This book contains everything you need to prepare for data science interviews. It has probability, statistics, ML, product sense and case studies. It also has real questions and solutions posed in interviews with big companies. I learnt a lot from this book! One of the must-have purchases!

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Ann H.

Let me start by simply stating that Nick and Kevin have produced a wonderful book. First of all, it does a great job of teaching you how to get in touch with yourself. Without a plan to do so, your resume would float in a sea of resumes from other aspirants. This book shows you exactly how to succeed in the step that matters most. If the book ended there, it would be worth buying, but it is not. The authors take the time to show you a solid core of tools you will need to be able to expose yourself: probability, statistics, machine learning, common database query tools (SQL) and database design, coding, product sense and some case studies. Each with enough information to give you control when it's time for the interview. Finally, although it is probably the last thing people look for after years of education, they provide a large number of relevant exercises to cement what you have encountered in the book. I can't think of a more accessible book to help someone enter the world of data science. Oh, and if you have time, contact the authors on LinkedIn for additional content and opportunities to make you valuable to the world of data science.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Gur H.

Great tips for preparing for Data Science interviews. It will help you understand (i) what you should do to get an interview (ii) the structure of the interview, (iii) the type of questions asked and how to solve them, and most importantly (iv) how to formulate your answers clearly and effectively.

The first three chapters of the book provide valuable advice on the things you should do before you even start applying for your dream job. These are (1) how to proofread your CV, (2) how to create a portfolio of interesting projects and (3) how to increase your chances of getting noticed by using cold emails.

Chapter 4 deals with the 'behavioural interview', which is in fact part of every interview. This chapter is very short, but contains valuable information and gives you the tools to think about how to structure your answers in the most effective way.

Chapters 5-9 are full of questions and answers on various aspects of a technical interview (probability and statistics, machine learning, SQL and programming). The questions in each chapter are grouped by difficulty level (easy, medium, difficult), which is very useful. The technical questions are great for understanding the type of questions asked during interviews and also help you understand the areas in which you should study more.

The last two chapters, 10-11, deal with product sense and case studies. This is a great resource that is often overlooked in the standard interview learning regime.

I received the book when it came out, as I was already planning interviews. Overall, even though I did not have time to complete all the technical questions, reading the book helped me during the various interviews. In particular, the end-to-end ML workflow in Chapter 7 helped me formulate my answers and excel in questions such as 'Here's a problem. How would you solve it?"


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Michelle H

È una cosa spaventosa cambiare carriera dopo 30 anni, ma dopo 25 anni di carriera da insegnante, sapevo che la scienza dei dati era la strada che avrei voluto intraprendere. Questo libro mi ha aiutato moltissimo con il mio curriculum e mi ha dato informazioni preziose su cosa dovrebbe inserire nel mio portfolio online. I capitoli da 1 a 4 sono stati così utili per i curriculum e per ottenere una prima occhiata ai potenziali datori di lavoro che ho persino comprato un secondo libro per mio figlio che stava iniziando la sua prima ricerca di lavoro dopo la laurea. Sono ottimi consigli per chiunque in qualsiasi campo! Le 201 domande, suddivise per argomento in ogni capitolo e dall'azienda da cui provenivano, mi ci sono voluti un paio di mesi per risolverle. Erano davvero la migliore recensione che avrei potuto chiedere dopo tutti i corsi e i libri online che avevo usato fino a quel momento. Questo è un libro eccellente e una risorsa che mi ha effettivamente dato la certezza di essere pronto per le interviste. Lo consiglio vivamente!


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Amazon Customer

Great book to prepare you for interviews by providing a high-level guide that covers all the aspects needed to get a job in data science. The most dangerous thing is not knowing what you don't know, and this book revealed a lot of information that I am missing and which areas I need to learn more about. I highly recommend this book, especially for people who want to get into data science for the first time

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Mathew Varghese

The world of data science is vast and it is so easy to get lost. You don't have to learn everything to pass interviews, there is always a pattern. This book clearly captures that pattern and pushes you to focus on the most important topics that will eventually get you a job in this field. The book reads like a conversation between a mentor and a student and is entertaining. The author creates a connection with the reader using his unique writing style and simplifies complex topics by breaking them down into small parts that are very easy to consume. I highly recommend this book


Ace the Data Science Interview review by zejia cai

This book really helped me a lot by providing a comprehensive review of interview questions for a d position. I especially like those 200 real questions and their solutions. They are very practical and let me know how real questions will be asked during an interview.

I recommend it Superrr to people who have just graduated and want to pursue a job related to data science.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Amazon Customer

I read this book to prepare for my transition into data science and I really appreciate the level of detail and the comprehensive amount of information that Nick and Kevin put into this thing. Also, if you are looking for even more information, Nick is super approachable and if you contact him he is very open to questions, feedback and offering further advice. The only drawback is that the book can be a little intimidating as it applies to pretty much anyone into data science, so it means that people who are going to be machine learning engineers at Google or a trader at Blackrock Quant will love this book, for your average data analyst some of the hard interview questions go a little over the top.

- Lots of information
- Lots of interview questions
- Excellent support from the authors

Negative points:
- Some areas get too technical too quickly and can be intimidating, especially the HARD statistics questions
- The portfolio is rather generic and does not guide you through any projects
- the explanations of the more mathematical topics do not correspond very well with real-world examples


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Aaron Rodriguez

This book helped me obtain a position as a data analyst. The sections that were most helpful to me were the SQL and Product Sense sections. The strategies in the beginning of the book on how to structure your resume and contact recruiters definitely helped me get my foot in the door. There are more advanced concepts in this book that I will definitely come back to as I progress in my career.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Nguyen V.

The authors have done an excellent job in summarising all the topics necessary for a successful DS interview, both in terms of breadth and depth. I myself have a lot of experience in the field, but before each interview, I spent time re-reading the entire book at least once to cover all the necessary information.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Harsh

It helped me to revamp my CV and to reflect and shape my portfolio. The e-mail suggestions were great and, using these, I was able to get a response from recruiters for the first time. In addition, the questions and practical solutions are great. The division of content is suitable and I am glad to have a structure for preparing for technical talks on data science. All in all, a fantastic book!


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Amanda

This book is fantastic. I wish I had known about it before. This is useful not only for interviews, but also a comprehensive way to understand what data scientists do in big companies. I immediately recommend it to my friend to prepare for her data science interview

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Walter

This book in plain English explains what you need to do to get a job, no frills, it just tells it like it is, in practical terms. But the evaluation section is comprehensive, it would challenge even the most experienced data scientist and has shown me areas of strength and growth. I recommend it to anyone looking for roles in data science

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Lucky Chav

This book is probably a landmark in the field of data science. The first chapters provide sound professional advice on resume and portfolio preparation. Subsequent chapters delve into various topics and provide perfect questions to review before starting interviews. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to enter the data industry

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Madayi Veetil

I bought this book after listening to one of the YouTube videos and I am happy with my decision. The book is a must-have for those who want to learn tips and tricks from the authors who have proven skills/experience in FAANG companies. The book not only covers technical concepts, but also provides tips on how to create resumes and portfolios and how to contact hiring managers along with frameworks for solving behavioural questions. Data science interviews cover various technical concepts such as probability, statistics, machine learning, SQL and DB design, coding, product sense, case studies and this book covers fundamental concepts with real interview questions.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Sarode Eranna Harinath Vishal

This is an excellent guide for data scientists preparing for the interview. This book not only talks about how to solve the interview, but provides solutions for questions and answers from various companies. It talks about the case study and provides excellent guidance on how to create a CV, create a portfolio and how to deal with and solve the e-mail problem. A must-have book.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by pburg

I am a data scientist who does a lot of technical interviews at a non-FAANG institution. I think this book is only useful if you are interviewing at the FAANG or other blue-blood companies with a certain old-school interviewing style.

I bought this book out of curiosity, mainly for the programming section. I was disappointed to discover that the programming section mainly covers 'classic' questions that have little to do with your day-to-day competence in a DS role. These classics are things like writing a function to return Fibonacci numbers or sorting algorithms. I forget I ever studied that stuff with a stronger taste for CS, and most of my colleagues would agree that they are not useful interview questions. I think this goes back to the fact that DS was once again dominated by computer scientists or physicists. Now, it is a broader role that attracts social scientists and other backgrounds and interviews have changed to better identify that talent. This book does not reflect that adequately.

I cannot blame the authors for covering this material. These are real interview questions you might have to face, especially in large companies with an automated process. But the people I know giving those interviews don't believe them.

There are also typos as others have said. Also, I'm not a fan of some of the cold emailing strategies they recommend, but that's more of a personal taste.

Edit: I decided to add a third star after reading the other chapters in more detail. It is important to gather a lot of this knowledge in one place, especially for the chapter on product sense.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Milena

I bought this book after my cohort mates told me how it helped them prepare on various Data Science topics. The content is categorised in each chapter with the fundamental concepts and then interview questions with answers. I can only praise how the content structure has helped me to organise my preparation strategy according to the company I interview with. In particular, the 'Case Study' and 'Product Sense' questions came up in many of my interviews. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to approach the technical interview like a professional.

One improvement I would like to see is a chapter on 'time series analysis'. I have had a couple of interviews on this topic and it would be useful to have a section to explore the underlying algorithms in depth.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Nicky

Overall, the book addresses many topics raised in the DS interviews. It breaks down the topics and questions very clearly. As mentioned in other reviews, it is not a book to learn these DS concepts, but to focus the study specifically for the interview. The practical problems are very challenging, but solutions are included.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Srikar Gunisetty

ACDSI ticks all the check boxes and achieves the advertised goals. This book is a first-class package of information and contains first-class material. You must have a book in your arsenal if you are preparing for DS Interviews. Data science is extremely broad and this book does the most important job in narrowing it down to what is important. This book also did a great job of bringing together a myriad of topics, from behavioural to technical, and serves as a great starting point.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Semi

In my opinion, this is the best existing resource to prepare you for your data science interviews. I used it as my main study/evaluation resource to prepare, and it was absolutely relevant to what I saw in my real interviews: from questions and ML concepts to SQL, this book prepares you for much of what you will end up seeing.

I would probably supplement this book with some leetcode practice in python/sql, and you should be really well covered for any DS interviews

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Joseph A'Hearn

The book presents an excellent strategy for getting interviews and is useful with easy, medium and difficult questions, together with answers, for each topic.

I was halfway through chapter 7 (machine learning) when I got my first interview for a data scientist position. The interview seemed easy compared to what this book was preparing me for. An offer was made to me and I accepted it. I plan to keep reading this book to help me continue to learn and develop as a data scientist.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Maham

This book is an excellent resource for aspiring data professionals looking for guidance on how best to prepare for interviews. This resource can act as a study guide to help brush up on basic concepts and the book provides useful tips for resumes and projects, which I found very useful


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Anas Ahmed

Nick e Kevin hanno fatto un ottimo lavoro nel toccare l'ampia gamma di argomenti che possono essere trattati in un colloquio sulla scienza dei dati. Nel libro c'è di tutto, dall'SQL all'apprendimento automatico, dai casi di studio alle statistiche e alle probabilità e molto altro ancora. Ho usato questo libro per prepararmi ai colloqui in loco con Snap, Meta e Uber. Rivedere questo libro è un ottimo modo per capire in quali aree siete forti e in quali avete bisogno di una preparazione più approfondita

Ace the Data Science Interview review by iK

The summaries of each chapter are laconic and clear, a good set of questions and useful hints within the solutions. General feeling of being on the interview site but no panic, just good conversation :

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Christopher F Richardson

I would honestly only give this book a 3-star review if I could buy it from Amazon in digital format. The book is full of useful preparation questions that are no different from most other interview preparation books around the world. Where this book gets interesting is that they have an online course that you could take along with the book (which I haven't done yet).

Side note: not everyone has the space nor the ability to have a library full of books.... I used to honestly despise my copy only to scan it into my favourite e-book reader... that now the physical book is recycled into something more useful... like a census form or ballot paper.

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Doris Voina

I would like to thank both Nick and Kevin for making this fantastic resource available. There really aren't many resources available for data science candidates, as opposed to ample practice opportunities for software developers or more traditional technology jobs such as PMs.

The book is well structured and contains some great material! There are a few typos, some errors/understandings in the ML section, but these are minor.

A possible addition to the book would be the frequent libraries that Data Scientists should know/use. I recently felt exhausted in an interview because I failed to review Pandas:-/

But again, overall this was a great resource to prepare and I want to thank and congratulate the authors. Well done!

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Vignesh R

I have been involved in several interviews in a wide range of industries over the last 4 months and this book has been my reference guide. It has good practice questions on probability/statistics, practice questions on SQL and its set of product sense questions is great for interviews with tech companies. I got a role in healthcare technology, which is the industry I want to work in.. but I also got other offers in other companies and used this book extensively

Ace the Data Science Interview review by CAO WEI

This book covers almost all areas of a data science interview. I especially like the product sense and the case study section where it provides a thought process and structure for these types of questions. The questions in the book are also very relevant in real life interviews

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Mohandas Palatshaha

Nick ha una capacità di pensiero fuori dagli schemi ed è stato in grado di scriverla per altri aspiranti. Non importa se sei nuovo nel gioco DS o senior, questo libro è un must. Da quello tecnico a quello comportamentale fino all'approccio con i reclutatori, Nick ha studiato ogni singolo aspetto della ricerca del miglior lavoro disponibile sul mercato. Ci aiuta a uscire dalla mentalità tecnica tradizionale per la ricerca di lavoro e cerca di adattarci alla mentalità del marketing, che funziona davvero alla grande. Consiglio vivamente questo libro a chiunque sia nel percorso DS indipendentemente dal fatto che stia cercando un cambio di lavoro o meno. Grazie Nick, ti chiedo di andare a cercare altri libri:)

Ace the Data Science Interview review by A.Amazonus

In the first pages of the book, the authors provide many useful tips and prepare you mentally for a Data Science interview.

First, I tried searching the Internet for similar content. Unfortunately, many answers to interview questions in those data science blogs were inaccurate or contained errors in the calculations.

The book contains all the necessary formulae, so there is no need to go through the notes looking for the necessary formulae to review the material. All practical problems and exercises have answers and explanations.

If you have enough theoretical background and practical experience in data science and machine learning, this book is for you.


Ace the Data Science Interview review by Neil Leiser

The book covers a wide range of topics, including how to write a good CV, how to build a successful project portfolio, how to pass the behavioural interview and how to acquire the technical skills needed to get into data science. I really like the fact that the authors give a lot of non-technical advice that you won't find anywhere else and that can really make you stand out during the interview process. If you are looking for a position in Data Science, I highly recommend the book

Ace the Data Science Interview review by Kristin

I love this book! It has a bit of everything from SQL, machine learning and probability and more. I love how it's structured and if you like puzzles you'll probably find it fun. I like that they also have a section on behavioural interview questions and networking because that was something I really needed. I would recommend it for any job in the data industry