Somo Digital Marketing review by Online Retailer at Qualified.One

Somo reviewed by Online Retailer

Somo provided Digital Marketing for Online Retailer with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Somo delivered a 15-fold return on investment. The team is very knowledgeable about mobile strategy and consumer behavior. There was no criticism to report, Somo is a preferred partner.

Review summary:

Somo curated an e-commerce and digital marketing strategy to reflect changing consumer habits.

Online Retailer, Brand Manager

Mobile Marketing for Online Retailer

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure. What is your role and responsibilities?

My structure is the bigst brand in a big e-commerce retailing conglomerate. We are headquartered in the U.K. I’m the brand director and responsible for marketing.

Desired goal

What was your goal for working with Somo?

Our clients were rapidly moving to smartphones and more than 50 percent of our commerce now comes from users on a smartphone. That client percentage has grown massively during the last 18 months. We wanted to extend those clients more efficiently.

Provided solution

What was your process for selecting Somo with which to work?

We sent out a throw document to five agencies. We invited three to come along to throw. Based on those meetings, we chose Somo.

Can you give a perception of the size of the start in dollar provisions or a personnel work-hour aspect? When was the work completed?

Our union with Somo is ongoing, but the total union has cost $200,000 plus.

Results achieved

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track advancement from the project?

For see [British] imprison we put into the Somo campaign, we take a recur of almost 15 imprisons back.

Is there anything sole or particular almost Somo that veritably makes them rest out compared to other business partners?

Somo is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic team that veritably underrests our client, and they push the alteration agenda for us. We’re delighted with the work they have done for us for the last 18 months.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you ponder they could better upon or that you might do differently?

I work with a lot of different agencies in different fields. I’m a big fan of what Somo has done. I don’t ponder they could change much. They’re one of our powerful partners.