BuildFax—property intelligence solutions: STX Next App Development project at Qualified.One

BuildFax—property intelligence solutions by STX Next

Some details


BuildFax provides business-critical property condition and history data to the largest insurance and financial institutions in the world. Based in Austin, Texas, the company delivers detailed data on remodeling, solar installations, major systems, new construction, maintenance history, and more. Their database encompasses over 84 billion data points on commercial and residential structures. In

2019, BuildFax was acquired by Verisk—a leading data analytics provider in the US.



Our goal was to provide BuildFax with modern tools for handling big data. Before working with STX Next, their speed of receiving data sometimes took up to four times longer than the maximum time business logic allowed.

Our solution to BuildFax’s challenge was using the Spark technology, or, more specifically, its Python implementation: the PySpark and Databricks tools.

To accomplish this, STX Next provided a team of three developers whose task was supporting the BuildFax team throughout that difficult and trying process.

BuildFax were very happy with our services and expanded their team as time went by, most notably with 24/7 maintenance and monitoring.