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Mike Krass


Co-Founder, MKG Marketing

Location: New Orleans, United States

MKG Marketing team worked with Key clients:  Bento for Business, ExtraHop, Informatica, Maxim Integrated, NETGEAR, and Weaveworks

Demand Gen marketing should always produce a profitable outcome, right? Mike Krass - all around nice guy - here,

If you’re like most of the Healthcare and Technology professionals the team and I at MKG Marketing speak with - then you’re possibly a little frustrated (maybe at a loss sometimes), when it comes to navigating the digital marketing landscape.

With so many digital marketing channels to choose from, it’s darn near impossible to stay current with everything, right? Which is why specialization is key. Particularly, if you want to produce repeatable, profitable returns on your marketing and advertising spend.

MKG Marketing - Your Next Digital Marketing Agency

Founded in 2011 and with team members spread across the United States - we specialize in helping Technology and Healthcare brands grow big. We decided to focus on the services that provided the most bang for the client’s buck.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (Paid Search, Display, and Social Media Advertising)
  • Web and Campaign Analytics

Over the years we’ve worked with loads of healthcare or technology brands to help them achieve profitable outcomes. Below are a few examples:

  • Increased SEO traffic and web conversion by 19% year-over-year, a six and four-figure improvement on both metrics. - Informatica
  • 46% year/year increase in traffic from Organic Search (7 digit difference) - NETGEAR
  • Increased pipeline value, driven from PPC by 74% Year-over-Year, a $1.7 million increase. - ExtraHop Networks

This said I’d love to connect and organize a time to chat further, if...

  • ➡ You want to see how we'd approach your brand without committing your whole advertising budget upfront.
  • ➡ You have a service, product, or resource that helps marketers grow their businesses - then let’s connect and organize a time to chat further.
  • ➡ You're a total #AvGeek and want to talk about General Aviation, send me a Connection Request so we can nerd out about the 1977 Cessna 172 that I fly :)

Feedback on Mike Krass

Mike Krass co-founded MKG Media Group, a San Francisco-based interactive media agency focused on delivering customers, not transactions, for clients such as Box, YouEye & the University of Washington.

His entrepreneurial spirit kicked into overdrive when he started The Anti Resume, a blog focused on helping millennials find their professional calling, during his first internship following college graduation at a Los Angeles-based advertising agency.

Since that project, he’s taken every available opportunity to pick the brains of the worlds most successful (and admittedly unsuccessful) startup founders to learn from their experience.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys getting lost in foreign countries and jumping out of airplanes (not necessarily in that order).

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