Facebook Organic Reach Benchmarks in 2021

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Today we are talking about organic social media post benchmarks
Mike Krass MKG Marketing,

Previously we talked about LinkedIn: when you include video in the post, you're seeing an improvement of a hundred, two hundred, even three hundred percent or greater of the amount of engagement there - likes, shares, comments, etc.

Let's talk about Facebook. Again, we're to continue to talk about the organic posts on Facebook. We went ahead and looked at about two thousand fifteen hundred different posts from our own Facebook page across three different post types. It's really what Facebook calls them: you've got your image posts, video and link posts.

So, what performs the best across all the data that we analyzed?


Let's talk about clicks first, or the number of times somebody clicks or taps on your post.

Video is 2.2 more likely than an image post to get it clicked. Video is 1.8 times more likely to get a click then a link post (whose whole objective of the post is to to get user click off somewhere else).


Let's talk about reactions. Reactions are shares, likes, comments. So, video is one and a half times more likely to get a share like or comment than an image or a link post.


Last, but not least: let's talk about reach. Reach on Facebook is incredibly important, because, when it comes to organic reach, we've actually reached less than 10 percent of the fans of your page and, in fact, some of the studies that I've been looking at today were only showing two percent of your fans get reached.

So, you have a hundred fans to your page, you post a special or an update or a bit of news... according to some of the most recent studies that I'm finding from brands like HubSpot and other analytics companies, only two of a hundred people are actually seeing that post!

So, reach: video is 2.3 times more likely than a link post to reach more people.

Now, when it comes to video versus image post, what's interesting here is it's almost identical in terms of reach!

So, the insight there is, when it comes to trying to reach a greater number of people on Facebook organically you've got to have video or image involved in that post.

Stay constantly curious, my friends!