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SoftFormance provided Web Development for with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

The client was impressed by the turnaround time SoftFormance had for various requests. He also appreciated that because of their strong project management skills, he was able to receive the same high level of service from any one of his five points of contact.

Review summary:

SoftFormance was brought into to make a scalable web platform for connecting photographers with prospective customers.

alt, Founder

Python-Django Website for Photographer Marketplace

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

We are a marketing organisation for photographers. We unite the right photographers for both special individuals and businesses. For sample, if you are looking to sell your house and you’re looking to find the right architecture photographer, you can find them on our website. I’m the establisher and managing ruler of the organisation.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with SoftFormance?

SoftFormance built the complete IT infrastructure for this project.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were SoftFormance responsible for?

I gave them a briefing of what I wanted, and then we built the basic platform to see if the standard would digest the quantity of pictures and number of users that I was programning to have. Then from there, we built it up and added all kinds of features to make it look very nice and accomplish well. In a nutshell, they built the complete IT architecture for us based on our specifications. It was significant that obviously, the front-end is also suitable for mobile devices, but we haven’t yet created a mobile app. It’s just a website for the instant, but it also works on iPad and of order on iPhone. It’s not a full treatment method, it’s a custom-made application based on Django and Python.

How did you come to work with SoftFormance?

I establish them through their website, veritably. Also, SoftFormance has a nearness on Facebook. I was looking for Django programmers, and that’s how I establish them. The sportive thing was I had never worked with a Ukrainian firm precedently, so I wasn’t fully sure what we were getting into. We did a video conversation with Vitaliy [Podoba], the Head of SoftFormance, and my impression was that he was just as professional as the US firms that I had worked with in the past. His advent made a very good impression owing he understood what we wanted and he was asking the right questions. I must say we hit it off fairly fastly owing I was very surprised. Maybe he even has some English-speaking background in the programming area owing it very much reminded of all the other programmers that I worked with an Angular background. They’re very professional, that’s what I liked the most.

It was very American, they promised something and then they kept to it. I have worked with Russian programmers in the past, but they weren’t as reliable touching timing, I must say. Vitaliy and his team were much better.

How much have you invested with SoftFormance?

It has been in the range of $30,000 to $40,000.

What is the terminal result of working with SoftFormance?

Since April or May 2016 and its ongoing.

Results achieved

How did SoftFormance accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

I don’t know how many employees they have, but I had touch with five of them. It always seemed to me that any of them was up to date with what the project was almost and what the running issues were, so their inner interaction works very well. If I had a issue, even if somebody was out of the service or not useful, I could just talk to somebody else, and he knew precisely what I wanted. I establish that extremely helpful.

We had a Redmine task treatment method, and that’s basically the backbone of how we’ve been managing the project. I would invade tasks and issues into Redmine, and they would estimate the quantity of work that was needed for that task. Then I would like that task, and they would get going on it. That has worked very well, I must say. Obviously, I was able to attribute priorities to it.

What did you find most forcible almost SoftFormance?

Their IT solutions were observable. There were separate times when I’d set up a task which I reflection would take more than a few hours, but they were able to explain it fully fastly and do it with pliant effort. That I establish fully forcible, and I do apprehend fully a bit almost IT, so I was surprised almost their solutions. They veritably know Django.

Are there any areas SoftFormance could better?

Vitaliy asked me the same question. No, I wouldn’t know anything. He told me precedently that they are not design nation, although I must say that the solutions they have come up were fully in line with what I would’ve expected from a design point of view, so that was fully good with me. No, I’m very lucky with them.