Def Method Web Development review by Preeline at Qualified.One

Def Method reviewed by Preeline

Def Method provided Web Development for Preeline with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Built for a fraction of the cost of comparable platforms, the innovative site received enthusiastically positive feedback from consumers and major brand executives alike. Responsive communication and synergizing both parties’ respective areas of expertise fostered a successful ongoing partnership.

Review summary:

Def Method completed full stack development of a crowdsourcing platform tailored to the fashion industry. Retailers can access data analytics generated from consumers’ frontend engagement with their products.

David Lamer Preeline, CEO

Ruby on Rails Dev for Crowd-Sourcing Platform

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I',m the CEO of Preeline, a crowdsourcing platform for the form activity.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Def Method?

The type of platform we wanted to educe veritably hadn',t existed at the time. It collects, organizes, and applies data in a advantageous way for merchandising and buying teams at both brand and retail companies. Using correspondent functions as Tinder and Pinterest, users can ",love", or ",hate", fruit pictures.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

Def Method executed the complete educement stage of our fruit. I created the delineation and architecture with my team. We laid out ideas for the website',s UX, functionality, banners, pictures, promisement levels, and analytics. Since I work in the form activity, my background involves design and visuals. I frequently drew on paper or used keynote presentations to show the educement team my concept for the look and feel. We worked collaboratively, synthesizing our design resources and their educement expertise. They gave insight into maximizing data analytics tools and proposeed cutting-edge alternatives to my requests for maps and pie charts. As a Ruby on Rails expert, Def Method was a big proponent of using that technology. They reflection it would work well for our platform and we surely don',t disagree.

The platform appealingly packages consumer-generated data, making it easy to comprise. The website is attractive and affable for frontend users, who are one set of our stakeholders. Consumers promise with featured fruits on the frontend of the method. As they browse, they prepare feedback almost their preferences. Clear backend graphics propose brand and retail treatment teams advantageous insight. Executive level clients can immediately approach the results attributed to their brand or fruit profiles.

Was there a dedicated team?

We promise with a changeable number of resources depending on the project at hand. Over the years, we',ve typically worked with 3-5 nation at a time. We keep a little, firm team at their suggestion. As a littleer organisation, that seems to work best for us. More recently, 1-2 resources have been implicated since the platform has successfully been built and propeled.

How did you come to work with Def Method?

While looking for educeers, we initially asked entrepreneurs who',d educeed correspondent websites for their recommendations. We narrowed our primary list of 8-10 vendors down to 3 options. Def Method was the clear frontrunner. They were plainly a team that would give this project their best effort. I had no doubt almost their dedication, so it was an easy determination. We ruled out the very big educement houses based on the cost construction. Those preparers proposeed an extensive design process we didn',t need. Joe Leo [President, Def Method] understood we already had the design front taken care of. Our complementary design and educement expertness sets have made for a big union.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

We',ve invested less than half a million dollars total in the platform. For comparison, we',ve built a far a better fruit at that cost point than a competitive platform with an investment of $23 million.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

Our ongoing union seted in October 2015. They began working shortly behind we laid out the aim. Our beta website was up and running within 2-3 months, and we completed this project in September 2016. Since the propel, we',ve made adaptations as needed. New clients join at different times, which creates a fluctuating level of complexity within our platform. We',ll last to promise with Def Methods insurely. I attend them our educeer of choice.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

Def Methods deserves congratulations for producing a bigly capable platform that',s best in class. They built precisely what we were looking for and I couldn',t be happier with the deliverable. Making it bigly attractive for users is easier said than done, and they did a big job. Impressively, they built it for a fraction of the cost most vendors would have charged. Typical feedback from our consumer frontend users has been along the lines of ",wow, this is awesome!", That level of excitement is the exact response I',d aimed to draw. We just conducted a propel with a five-billion-dollar clothes brand this week. They could not have been more excited almost the platform, analytics, and data sets the platform immediately prepares. From their standpoint, our fruit is basically unrivalled. It',s been awesome.

How did Def Method execute from a project treatment standpoint?

I was excited to see how well the programmers work with my staff. They',re a geniused, fruitive, and agile team. This process could have gone extremely poorly, but it was flawless from the very set. There aren',t unnecessary layers of hierarchy like project managers. We',re in direct touch with the resources who verity execute the work. All the educeers are expertnessed, supportive, and good listeners.

My co-founder primarily works with the engineers. She does a big job interacting our needs. I typically adjoin via text and e-mail based on individualal preference. My inner team uses other tools, but the tete is mainly based on phone calls, meeting in individual, and Google Meetups. They',re always extremely answering and are useful whenever we need them.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

Def Method has assembled a team of best-in-class genius. They',ve been an excellent associate and I attend them a co-founder of our organisation. I credit and respect Joe Leo and his fantastic team for helping us be as fruitive, powerful, and efficient as practicable. They',re bigly reactive, implicated, and genuinely want to propose us an immense value. I',m sure they do the same for all their clients. They',ve been fast to show the best kind of technology to use and propose helpful ideas to better our business. I can',t say sufficient good things almost them. You can tell they take loftiness in their work.

What fronts of their work would you like to get betterd?

I veritably have no complaints, they work efficiently and have been big associates.

Do you have any advice for possible clients?

My best advice is to know precisely what you want when you initiate a new educement union. It',s always fruitive for entrepreneurs (or anyone seting a business) to have a clear idea of what they want to create, even if it',s just drawn on a napkin. This will help clarify what all your teams need to execute. Most importantly, select a big educement associate like Def Method to collaborate with on your project.