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I hired Fusion Factor to help me out with my business. Recently I had a server issue and I am a small shop. I was not available to take care of the issue for my client my technician was not available and so I called Bhavin with Fusion Factor. They immediately got on the issue; let me know every step of the way what they were doing to fix it then gave me a full report afterwards what was done and why. The communication was awesome the response time was awesome. I#39;d recommend any other partner using Fusion Factor for their support.

Fusion Factor has been working with us for the past couple of years. They are excellent customer services they are on time service and you can#39;t ask for a better attitude. You know when people come in and work on your IT you think you are going to pull your hair out. Well they make your life easy for you. We are very happy with the services with Fusion Factor.

Hi I am Janet Jacobs President of Anchor Audio. We are located in Carlsbad at California and we manufacture and sell portable sound systems to a wide Variety of users worldwide. We had situation occur in Anchor Audio where our head of information technologies went out on emergency medical leave and pretty much just left us in the lurch in terms of our systems and documentations and we couldnt be more thrilled that Bhavin and his team from Fusion Factor were able to come in and do just that! Now we are consolidating servers and bringing in new software and I am confident that they will save us a Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100000) a year. Everyone at Anchor is enjoying working with Fusion Factor.

I#39;m Rick Donahoo working with Allgire General Contractors. We have been in Carlsbad for over 25 years. As we have grown with the construction industry we have learned to specialize in many facets: defect litigation construction of affordable houses. Through that process we have learned that our technical support is very critical to our success. We came across Fusion Factor in 2006; following that every need we had has is been met. We have had experiences where we have been out of power is San Diego. Fusion Factor is there to support us. Within moments they have been calling us checking on us here at midnight to make sure we are solid with our servers. We are up-to-date in all the latest technology. I can go to work and I dont have to worry about my files my e-mails my photos my documentations because they are all going to be backed up by Fusion Factor. Whenever I cant find my lost files I make a call to Fusion Factor. They have it for me within minutes. During the night at 2:00 in the morning I get an e-mail ’there is your stuff its there for you’.

During the fires we all were told to evacuate and everybody was leaving San Diego and their businesses a few years ago. Fusion Factor was there at our door helping us make sure our server was solid and we have backed up properly.

’They are helping us make sure we are comfortable.’

When we had major power outages here a year ago or so they were here at midnight making sure everything was good. I am able to work on my projects without being uncomfortable knowing that everything that is there is been taken care of.

’Fusion Factor has always been there and I can call them at any time.’

My name is Scott Nelson. I am the CFO at Grant General Contractors. We use Fusion Factor as our Outsourced IT Department. They have been exceptional in their services their response time. They have accomplished several migrations for us without any issues and they have always been there when we need them. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for Outsource IT or IT assistance.

Fusion Factor supports all of our 4 locations. We recently had a little bit of an emergency and they came out immediately to help us take care of the issue supported us and got everything working actually better than it ever has. All of our issues are taken care of. Before their help we had guest complaint…we were ready to just throw the computers away and start over and now things are working between all of the salons perfectly and I just cant say anything better about them.

I want to take a moment of your time to illustrate how great the company Fusion Factor is..!! We have been using Fusion Factor for IT Services both problem solving and taking us to the next level for more than 3 years. Fusion Factor is adaptable they have been able to extinguish of every flame of problem we have had and I would recommend them without reservation. If you have a problem or any issue call them because they are fixers and problem-solvers.

If you have a pressing IT problem that needs to be addressed or are just dissatisfied with your general IT performance reach out to Fusion Factor Corporation today. We can help it make sense and cost less.