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About Motto Branding company in New York, United States

Named one of the most buzzworthy agencies in America, Motto is a branding and digital agency that thinks and designs for brands with purpose. Our clients include global brands such as Google, Hershey's, Twentieth Century Fox, and Ninjas in Pyjamas, plus e

Motto | Ideas Worth Rallying Around® | NYC amp Dallas<_p>

In 1997_ Sunny and Ashleigh met as teens in a Chicago snowball fight They grew up together_ went to college together_ and in our early twenties started Motto in 2005 with $250 From the beginning_ they were swimming against a current of doubt People said we were too young_ too female_ too inexperienced_ and too rebellious to succeed in a world where sixtyish admen made the rules <_p>

That was over a decade ago <_p>

The dynamic duo now captain an army of talent at Motto and consult with brands around the world on a new kind of leadership thinking which they share in their bold talks and unconventional book RARE BREED<_b> A Guide to Success for the Defiant_ Dangerous_ and Different <_p>

In their book_ Sunny and Ashleigh help leaders and those who strive to be leaders_ develop a Rare Breed Mindset_ a thought framework based on seven unconventional traits theyve identified as the source of radical differentiation and power in business and life It is this philosophy that has garnered the attention of clients like Google_ Microsoft_ the NFL_ and Hersheys <_p>

Witnessing an alarming lack of acceptance for unique people and “crazy” ideas that dont fit the mold_ Sunny and Ashleigh responded with their book_ which has become the go-to business manifesto for tearing up the rule book and succeeding on your own terms In turn_ the Rare Breed Mindset™ builds stronger_ more inspiring_ and more innovative companies and teams <_p>

Not only do they speak_ write_ talk_ and teach_ Sunny and Ashleigh also consult virtually around the globe on how leaders can think_ act_ and innovate more like a Rare Breed amid the COVID disruption and cultural shifts <_p>

When not leading their team of Rare Breeds at Motto_ they give inspiring keynotes where they share their audacious story as well as provocative advice on how to turn doubt into determination_ failure into fuel_ and angst into ambition <_p>

Theyve been named Inc 30 Under 30_ GDUSA Top 25 People to Watch_ and interviewed by Entrepreneur_ Forbes_ Yahoo!_ Wall Street Journal_ The Breakfast Club and hundreds more Theyve also spoken at Dale Carnegie_ Fossil_ Small Giants_ Inc GROWCO_ The Dallas Society of Visual Communicators_ Campaign and more to name a few <_p>

We partner with innovators, challengers and disruptors in the B2C/D2C space to challenge thinking and create bold brands that stand out. Whether you’re launching or evolving a brand, we’ll capture your spirit and design a disruptive, world-class brand tha