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OrangeYouGlad is Brooklyn's freshest creative agency. We are WBE certified design studio with a focus on branding, web, print and social. Our mission is to always crush it creatively (on behalf of our clients!) We dig deep for that unique, creative, unex

2020 is the year that OrangeYouGlad can finally vote!

OrangeYouGlad is Brooklyns freshest creative agency.  The company was founded in 2002 by Mary DeMichele Monica Hsu and Tammy Duncan. Our mission was to create the kind of company we always wanted to work for doing compelling projects we could be proud of and partnering with lovely clients who we enjoy collaborating with. And all with a good work/life balance. 

Our mission is to always crush it creatively (on behalf of our clients!) We dig deep for that unique creative unexpected and expertly crafted strategic and visual solution that takes our clients brand to the next level.

Our dream project* is to be able to work with our clients on their brand identity and provide all the goodies that go along with it including social media strategy and management website design in-store packaging event posters annual reports t-shirts acceptance speeches and more. Our second favorite thing is ice cream**. Our third favorite thing is to continue to work with the brands weve created (or nurtured)—growing with them as their business grows. *If you already have a much loved brand no worries you can still be our dream project! Well adopt your brand as our own. **If you dont have ice cream for us thats okay too; well still work with you.

Wed love to make your project sparkle. Drop us a note or give us a buzz (718.596-9415). Lets make something together!


While commonly known as partner creative director designer project manager and other such titles for OrangeYouGlad Tammy is perhaps most known for her love of general hijinx and bad puns. She is happy that her two daughters are primed to become her partners in crime. The three of them are likely cooking up some harebrained scheme involving elaborate packaging and a donut cart or something at this very moment.

She also has over 20 years of web and print design experience has won several awards has judged several others and plays the guitar and drums (not very well but with tons of enthusiasm).


Part Cat

Matt Schoch

Silly guy over here. Born in Texas raised in upstate NY graduated from the School of Visual Arts and living in brooklyn for over a decade. Started with OYG in 2011 and has been loving it ever since. Hes also a twin so watch out for his secret psychic powers. Theyre real.


Project Manager

Sacha Peet


Graphic Designer / Alien


Junior Designer

Axel Castillo

Utah baby living in the big city. Originally began his journey at OrangeYouGlad as an intern and is now living his best life as a Junior Designer. When he isnt working you could probably catch him at coffee shop or in the middle of a national park somewhere in the west coast. 


Junior Designer

Emily Tran





Dev Partner


We work with these guys allllllll the time. They build our stuff and we design theirs – it works out nicely. We spend a lot of time together in wordpress. Check em out

Art Director At Large

Constance Leonard

At the age of four Connie created her first logo by carving her name into the family coffee table. Since then shes delved deep into the world of creative design from interactive storefronts on the streets of SoHo to TV ads filmed with vintage cameras. When she isnt making things Connie is probably singing karaoke or having a deviled egg party.


Founder and All Around Badass

Mary DeMichele

Founding partner of OrangeYouGlad – Some say she is banned from five US states and Rarotonga and that she can stop traffic with a piercing glare. Some say she has retractable claws and that she can make a person fold a winning poker hand by ’twitching’ her nose. All we know is shes called The MAD.