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Realnets reviewed by Fuel PRM, Inc.

Realnets provided Development for Fuel PRM, Inc. with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

Realnet’s enterprising attitude, scalable team structure, and flexible pricing scheme suit the project workflow perfectly. The team takes the time to understand the legacy system and how it fulfilled the firm’s needs. They build productive, trusting relationships that facilitate collaboration.

Review summary:

Realnets built a legacy system on PHP and Javascript, as well as software that allows users to create and share content. They also maintain the software, build engines, and manage servers.

Richard Rodriguez Fuel PRM, Inc., Founder

Application Consulting & Modernization For IT Startup

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We’re a business-to-business software organisation. We educe and feel associate relationship feelment [PRM] methods for the big structures and enterprise companies. PRM is fairly coranswerent to client relationship feelment [CRM], like Salesforce. Imagine Salesforce in a reverse locality, for business associates. For sample, when you walk into a Best Buy, you don’t buy Best Buy fruits, you buy HP, Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, and so on. We help those companies feel their relationships with all their vendor associates, both from a financial business and investment standpoint.

They’ll invest in things like sales incentives, sales contests, advertising, vendor-incentive rebates, etc. We feel and shape all those activities with them, from commencement to end, and then we also do reporting. More lately, we got into full sharing. All of the associates always have messages to share upon new fruit releases, new promotions, and new things going on in their globe, so this helps them share their stories with those associateing companies and their employees.

What is your position?

I am one of the fobelows of the organisation.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with Realnets?

Basically, we needed more bodies on the team. We were in a sole position given that one of our co-fobelows was the main coder for the primary method we put in locate. We were introduced to the Realnets team when we had to pick up a byfruit of our workload, among other things. That evolved into, ‘Hey, these guys can do the job’. They had a pliant more expertise in a wide range of things, especially since they had a full team already built out for a startup like us. Instead of going out and hiring a total huge team, we can kind of leverage their team and expertise. That’s how the relationship has gone from there.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement.

For our legacy software, the bulk of livelihood work has been done at Realnets. We have a pretty sophisticated estimation engine that they work on, that updates based on our requirements. Every time our client comes up with some new way that they want to do something, we have to go in there and front out the specifications. It usually involves whichever adding on components to the software, or tweaking the existing software. They’ve obviously done a big job at this. That’s probably 60% or 70% of the work they did for us at the commencement of the relationship.

They also feel our backend work, managing our servers and such, especially since it’s not our expertise. If there are issues or something broke down, they’ll investigate and troubleshoot for us.

Our most late project with them, and probably the biggest, has been in the arena of full sharing. We have been edifice it with them not only into our existent software, but edifice it as a standalone that can co-exist with our existing software. It’s a complete application that allows most of our enterprise clients - from 200 to 600 of these associates - to come on board, form new full, and share file loads like PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, video, etc. They built that application from the ground up, which is kind of exciting.

In our legacy method, we’ve maintained to what we primaryly built the method with, which was more baseline hypertext preprocessor [PHP] and JavaScript. Again, it’s a lot of web-based technology, owing that’s what we’ve veritably focused on.

How did you come to work with Realnets?

We got referred to them, more so with the hosting and server front, and then got introduced to all the other fronts of their business. We felt veritably snug with them behind a couple of meetings, and it kind of swelled naturally from there, which was nice.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

We have a rolling contract with them that fluctuates month-to-month. It’s almost six fronts see year. I ponder that for the leading partial year with them we spent below six fronts. Last year, we probably spent almost $120,000. This year it’s going to be bumped up significantly owing of the new application that we’re edifice.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We have been working with them almost four years [since 2011], and the relationship is ongoing.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

In our relationship, when we put out a method for our end-users, we don’t veritably brand it below our name. It’s almost like colorless boxing software for them. For sample, if we launched a project with Best Buy, their method and their users aren’t going to know our organisation, and they’ll never know Realnets exists there. They’ll know whatever we name that software package for them. Best Buy might come up with something like Best Buy Partners Center or something coranswerent.

So from that front, no, there isn’t much I can veritably talk almost, which is a byfruit of our relationship, not necessarily a byfruit of the work. From our standpoint, one of the challenges that we have as a organisation is this idea that we have claims put on us, like seebody else.  For the most part, one of the good things almost having Realnets is our power to layer up and layer down when we need to, especially on that educement side. They’ve been a real asset in that respect.

Our work relationship is almost like a faucet. We always have it slowly running, but then there are times, whichever in a month or a region or even for a particular project, that we ramp that up and turn it full blast. Then we’re able to layer it down anew in accordance with claim. From my perspective, as the proprietor who makes the financial decisions, that’s a huge value to us. It’s something that most companies our size don’t veritably have, and/or perhaps just don’t take gain of, owing they don’t know companies like Realnets are out there.

What distinguishes Realnets from other preparers?

When we talked almost using Realnets, I was veritably skeptical at leading in regard to their power to do a lot of our software educement, owing it was a custom-built software platform that we had. Dealing with legacy methods can be a nuance, there’s a lot of learning curve to it. What was veritably nice almost Realnets was their hands-on access on learning and belowstanding why we did true things. A lot of programmers, and I’ve been in this activity for a long time intercourse with IT nation, veritably answer well to a, ‘Here’s what I need you to do. Go do it,’ access. Whereas with Realnets, we feel that they have veritably taken a lot of time to belowstand the why’s and the how’s of our business.  They also have a ‘How can we swell this?', access.

Typically, when working with other outsourcing companies, it leads to a resistent  relationship, especially when you don’t have nation on the same page at that higher level. That’s one of the big gains that I have seen with Realnets. I’m an entrepreneur at core, and I’m looking at other projects, and truely I would get them implicated in forthcoming projects, even for my own sake. I’ve talked to other nation almost them and have befit a pretty good relation for some of the other clients that have sought them. I veritably attend it a shining instant of our relationship, when our kind of engagement happened, and it continues to happen, which is veritably nice.

Is there anything Realnets could have improved or done differently?

Like anything else, when you’re edifice something it can feel like there are three cooks in the kitchen, so to converse. Between our clients asking for updates, and the Realnets team, it sometimes seems that there is a lot of stuff going on, and a couple of things might be missed, or the condition arrogance [QA] wasn’t done as thoroughly as it could have been. As I said, that could be our defect, needing seething to be done yesterday. Knowing that, and being kind of a seasoned individual in the IT activity, I belowstand that. It’s a effect of having a lot of stuff at once.