Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger: Square Mill Labs Design project at Qualified.One

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger by Square Mill Labs

Some details

Thomson Reuters Messenger is a widely used instant messaging platform used across the world by tens of thousands of users. It is deployed both inside of the Eikon financial information platform and as a standalone Windows application.

Working closely with the Thomson Reuters collaboration group we helped rewrite the front-end and back end of the instant messaging platform. As well as doing core development and design for

the re-write we helped hire and manage a team of developers to build the HTML5 front end, iPhone/iPad application and eventually the Go backend to replace Microsoft Live Communication server. After successfully launching the front end of the project with the Eikon 3.0 relaunch we transitioned management of the project to Thomson Reuters employees.

As part of this project we were able to open source some of our work, some of the first open source code produced at Thomson Reuters - this included a Go NTLM library written from scratch -

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