Competitive intelligence analyst: job description

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A competitive intelligence analyst is engaged in providing comprehensive business security in today's environment of information confrontation, as well as information and analytical work on researching competitors, new technologies that can be used in a particular business.
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Such specialists are responsible for the area of business management in protecting it from external risks and threats, and should be able to use modern tools, information and analytical systems and technologies for this purpose.

What is a Competitive Intelligence Analyst?

Competitive Intelligence Analysts specialize in recommending solutions to optimize a company's sales performance and business plans. We conduct extensive research and analysis to identify market trends, new business opportunities, customer needs and competitive strategies.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst job

Competitive Intelligence Analytics

What Does a Competitive Intelligence Analyst Do

He analyzes information collected from around the world to identify threats and make decisions. Build relationships, manage networks, and facilitate information sharing with intelligence and law enforcement contacts.

The job of an intelligence analyst is highly stressful due to the nature of the job and the intense pressure to deliver information in a short amount of time. Intel analysts work in high-pressure work environments, often managing escalating workloads, rotating work shifts, and deployments.

Are competitive intelligence analysts in demand?

The profession of business intelligence analyst is currently in demand. The number of new companies in our country is growing every year and as a rule they need qualified trained specialists. Given that the IT sector, especially information security, is now growing, there are more prospects of self-realization in this direction.

The Intelligence Analyst is one of the most sought-after international security jobs and plays a key role in national security and international relations. Compile data and intelligence from multiple sources to assess threats and prevent attacks from external and internal adversaries.

Are Competitive Intelligence Analysts Highly Paid?

What is the annual salary of an entry-level intelligence analyst? As of January 10, 2023, the median annual salary of an entry-level intelligence analyst in the United States is $58,579 annually. That's about $28.16 per hour, in case you want basic payroll. Is being an intelligence analyst a stressful job?

Who the profession is suitable for

The profession is suitable for people who have the following qualities:

  • Analytical mindset;
  • An analytical mindset, the ability to think systematically:
  • Ability to process large amounts of information;
  • A good memory;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Effortfulness;
  • Communication skills;
  • Stress resistance.
Competitive Intelligence Analyst salary

Competitive Intelligence Analyst salary

Competitive intelligence analyst career

Good career prospects, with good prospects for advancement to senior research analysts in investment firms, commercial funds and other financial organisations. In addition, after education in this area, there is the possibility of employment in large and influential companies.

Competitive intelligence analyst responsibilities


  • Advising clients on strategic planning;
  • Work and liaise with marketing, management and information security specialists;
  • Overseeing competitors and reviewing their strategic decisions for potential threats;
  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of possible business security threats;
  • Direct participation in the development of information security systems;
  • Carrying out market research;
  • Conducting audits of financial statements.

Do I need a degree to become an Intelligence Analyst?

Intelligence analysts typically should have a bachelor's degree in a related field. You can also pursue an advanced degree to pursue higher employment opportunities.

Are intelligence analysts in high demand? Demand for intelligence analysts is expected to grow, with 8,720 new positions expected to be filled by 2029. This equates to an annual increase of 0.91% over the next few years.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst career path

Competitive Intelligence Analyst career path

How do I become a Competitive Intelligence Analyst?

The main qualifications to become a Competitive Intelligence Analyst are a bachelor's degree in a related field and experience using data to guide a company's product and marketing strategy.

The difference between business intelligence and data analysis

A Business Intelligence Analyst finds business-centric insights through data, in contrast to Data Her Analysts, who only use analysis to find solutions to problems.