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Podcasting becomes more and more popular. Which laptops are the best picks for a podcast content creator? Let's see!

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A good, high quality laptop can make all the difference...

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We all know computers and use them daily for entertainment, online shopping, and work. Nevertheless, the best laptop for Zoom meetings and videoconferencing will include the features and functions for videoconferencing

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Beneficiaries and victims of 2020: Qualified.One statistics on Digital Marketing, IT and Web industries

alt Tech Job trends 2016—2020

Just like any previous crisis, the COVID pandemic did not bring us anything new: what happens is the acceleration of the existing trends. This can be easily seen from the changes taking place on the job market.

alt Digitalizing Crisis

It has been half a year since the global action on the COVID pandemic began. The lockdown, isolation and related terms are now a part of everyone’s life. Inevitably, this changed the industry of marketing, especially considering the online behavior.