Google’s July 2021 Core Update - What you Need to Know

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- So, as if one core update wasnt enough this year, Google have said that theyre going to release another one in July 2021.

So the first core update this year was in June.

Now theres another one upcoming in July, and its really important to understand how these core updates work, because it can affect your site.

It can hurt your rankings.

It could improve your rankings.

So you should understand how they work, what they mean for your site, and how they can affect your sites SEO.

Now, the thing is, these core dates can be pretty brutal.

They can affect your whole site.

For example, the December, 2020 core update affected thousands of sites, and lots of people complained that their traffic tanked overnight, and they never really recovered.

So, how do these core updates work? How will they affect your site? How will they change your rankings on Google? Thats exactly what Im gonna teach you in this video.

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So the first thing to know is what are Google core updates? What is the July core update about? Well, basically almost every day, Google makes slight updates to the algorithm and pretty much no one notices, right? So these changes are very incremental.

Theyre very small.

And every so often core updates are released, which have a much bigger impact and can affect your whole site.

Basically, the way to think about core updates is, is kind of like reviewing a top 100 movies list, right? So if you made a list of the best films ever in 2015, and you made a list of the top 100 movies, it may be very different to the list of movies that the top 100 in 2020, right? So if you get hit by a core update, its not necessarily that youve done anything wrong.

Its just the fact that something better has come out, and somethings been released, and therefore all the results of that list, you know, like Googles rankings or like a top 100 movies lists are getting reviewed and changed and updated, which means that your websites rankings could slip.

You could lose a lot of traffic or they may even improve.

And you may outrank some of the other websites you were struggling to out rank before.

So whats gonna happen? Well, basically in July, 2021, theres going to be a new core update rolled out.

Usually it takes about one to two weeks for this to be completely rolled out and finalized.

So you may see your rankings changing quite a lot over those couple of weeks, or you may see nothing at all.

And the thing is as well, if your website got hit by the June, 2021 core update, then those results may reverse in July 2021.

And your website may increase its rankings.

So lets say you got hit by Junes core update and your rankings went down.

They may increase in July, 2021 after the core update.

So its an interesting situation.

I think Google has done this because all of the updates they wanted to release in Junes core update, werent ready yet, and therefore theyre going to release one in June and one in July because they have more features to be rolled out.

Now, what does this mean for your site? Well, basically the core update is going to change the way the Googles algorithm and Googles crawler analyzes the performance of your site.

So, its not like a lot of updates where just one major industry or one major aspect of your site is hit.

Its not like the medic update where, you know, loads of websites writing about medical information got hit because they didnt have the expertise or the credibility or authority to rank higher.

This is a different type of update and it affects your whole website holistically.

So its not just about backlinks, its not just about on-page SEO.

Its about the way that Googles Crawler analyzes your whole website and its whole performance.

And therefore the changes can be quite drastic.

The biggest problem with core updates is that if you do get hit by this update, if your traffic does tank, then you may have to make some changes and wait until the next core update before your traffic recovers.

It can take a long time.

For example, before the June, 2021 core update, the last one before that was December, 2020 so there was like a six month gap between these two core updates.

So if you do get hit by this update, it can take a long time to recover.

And you have to be aware of that.

But at the same time, if you focus on the longer term strategy of creating the best content, of serving your users and making sure you give the best user experience to your website visitors as possible, then thats the best approach to take.

You know, you can do everything you can.

You can roll the dice, but its up to Google how they review your site.

And therefore theres a lot of things outside of your control when it comes to SEO.

Not if you get hit by this update, dont panic.

Just wait, wait for the algorithm to finalize.

Make sure that, you know, the dust has settled on Googles core update before you make any drastic changes to your site.

And this can take like say one to two weeks for the algorithm updates or roll out.

Thing is to remember as well, if you do get hit by this update, theres no silver bullet here.

Theres no one fix.

You may have to holistically analyze your site in terms of on-page, in terms of technical SEO, in terms of the backlinks youll build in to make sure that every aspect of your site is performing the best it possibly can.

And what I would recommend doing here is benchmarking your website against the top sites in your industry and seeing, right, is there a gap between my content? Is there a gap between my competitors and the backlinks were building? And then making sure that before the next Google core update, your website is performing the best it possibly can.

And the thing is with SEO as well.

Dont worry too much about the short-term.

You know, if youve got a good long-term strategy of creating great content, of focusing on quality, and then its just a matter of time before youre rewarded by Googles algorithm.

And if theres a slight change over three months, over six months, its not a big deal if youre running a business that youre planning to keep for the next, you know, five or 10 years.

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