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How to DOMINATE Google with Parasite SEO - read the full article about seo updates april 2022, Search engine optimization and from Matt Diggity on Qualified.One
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- This is gonna sound like complete BS, but in this video, Im gonna show you how to get to the top of Google instantaneously.

And no, it doesnt require owning a site with a billion backlink already.

Check this out.

This is a ranking graph for a high competition affiliate keyword.

Before May 19th, I was nowhere to be seen.

After May 19th, I was on page one of Google.

And no, I didnt just do it once.

Its a repeatable process that can be done over and over again.

The technique Im talking about is parasite SEO.

Its when you get content placed on another high authority site with a ton of backlinks and you piggyback off that authority to get to the top of Google followed by making a lot of money.

Im sure youve seen this before.

If you Google the keyword best fat burner, youll see that the number two, three, and five listings are not on health websites.

My San Antonio is an online newspaper, so is the San Francisco Gate, and so is Island Now.

All of them are media sites with a ton of backlinks.

If we open up the My San Antonio post, we see right up here, smack-dab at the top, that this post is sponsored.

Meaning that someone, Norcal Marketing, paid them to put up this article.

If we open up the SFGATE article, sure enough, sponsored once again.

By the way, Norcal marketing is making a genius play here, nailing down the page one real estate for this keyword.

But thats not the only keyword this is happening on though.

Best mail enhancement pill.

Four out of the four, top four are sponsored content.

Best weight loss management, one, four, and five, all online newspapers.

And best CBD gummies.

Every single one of these, except for Forbes, is sponsored.

Hell, maybe even the Forbes article is, too.

Why does this work in the first place? Because backlinks are a major ranking factor in Googles algorithm.

Backlinko ran a study on over 200 ranking factors and they found that the higher websites domain rating, thats a measure of how many links a site has, the higher correlation with being ranked higher in the Google search results.

In other words, sites with more links typically have better SEO results.

Lets check the domain rating for some of these media sites.

Were looking at our friends from San Antonios San Francisco and Long Island.

Check out the DR column, 81, 91 and 72 respectively.

All these websites are beasts.

Which is why theyre able to post up basically whatever they want and it has a solid chance to getting to the top of Google.

But of course, theres other ranking factors like onsite optimization, content quality and topical coverage.

But most of the content that gets posted on these sites, isnt that great.

Which goes to show just how important links are in Googles algorithm.

So is that all it takes? Just post up content on these sites and itll get to the top of Google? Theres a little bit more to it than that.

Like how do you contact these sites in the first place and which ones to use? So in this video, Ill lay it all out for you.

But make sure to stick around to the end because Im gonna comment on how long I feel like this loophole will stay around for.

Note of warning: some of what youre going to see here might not be considered white hat SEO.

If that makes you scared, close this video and watch some Disney movies for comfort.

But in my opinion, if youre serious about SEO, its always good to know what your competition is up to.

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Step one in the parasite SEO process is just finding out which sites are selling posts so you can choose which one you wanna get placed on.

To do this is super easy.

Just Google one of these high-ticket affiliate keywords Ive mentioned before, and add the word sponsored to your search.

Ive done this for the keyword best mail enhancement pill, and voila, heres 70 sites selling sponsored content.

Go ahead and rinse and repeat with a few more keywords and youll uncover all of these sites in minutes.

Next, you wanna actually email these guys and figure out their terms and prices.

Each of them has a contact page where you can ask them about their advertising and sponsored content fees.

Its really not hard to do at all.

Heres a list of stuff you should ask.

Whats their price for a single post? Whats their price for a package? Sometimes you can save money by ordering in batch.

How many words per article? Do they internally link to new posts? Its even worth it to pay extra for them to place internal links to your article to give it an extra boost.

Are there outbound links, nofollow or dofollow? If you get dofollow outbound links, that will come in handy as Ill show you later in the video.

How many outbound links do they let you have? Are images is allowed in their post? A lack of images and button call to actions is gonna hurt conversion.

Are they okay with posting a particular topic? Some sites wont post cannabis topics, for example.

Youre gonna see a huge range.

For example, the last time I checked with them, Orlando Weekly, a DR 75 beast of a website charges $750 per post for about a thousand word article and they allow 11 nofollow outbound links as well as images.

But LA Weekly, a DR 84, does package deals at $5,000 for 10 articles.

Thats $500 a piece and you can write the article however long you want.

Also make sure to ask them if their placements are allowed for life or limited amount of time.

Ultimately, you wanna choose what site you place on based on your budget, but also your SEO needs.

If youre trying to write an article best online casinos and you know that everyone on page one is ranking with 5,000 word articles, then not having an article length limitation is gonna be important for you.

Additionally, try to post on sites that have topical authority in your niche.

For example, if you wanted to rank for best crypto wallet, your chances to rank well be higher if you place on another publisher site that already has a bunch of crypto content on their site.

If youre the crypto article on their site, the chances are lower.

And of course, the bigger the domain rating, the better.

And everything up to this point is pretty damn easy.

Heres the challenging part.

A lot of keywords and article topics have already been covered in these publications.

And many of them wont publish twice on the same topic.

In other words, youre a little bit late to the party.

For example, if we look the and look at all the keywords it ranks for with word best in them, it seems like theyve covered billions already.

By the way, if youre looking for niches to go after, this is an easy way to get a billion ideas as well.

If a publication doesnt allow you to post on an already covered topic, its fine.

Dont get your feelings hurt, just move on.

But if they do allow, you still need to worry about keyword cannibalization.

You see Google doesnt like to rank two articles from the same website, and when two or more articles compete, neither of them get to rank.

But my buddy James Dooley, the hottest girl in Manchester, according to Google, knows a workaround.

First, you write a very similar article, but better article.

Check out my video on how to write content for SEO, link in the description.

Then post it up.

Its gonna start causing keyword cannibalization.

So what you do is make yours win with backlinks, which well talk about soon.

For good measure, you can hit that article with some CTR using a Microworkers campaign.

Now lets get to the actual writing of the content.

The article you write should be fully SEO optimized.

Write it as if it were going on your own website.

I highly recommend using a tool like surfer, which is gonna tell you which entities, words and phrases you need to have in your content and at which frequencies.

It does this by analyzing the top competitors in your niche.

So youre really just downloading a blueprint to ranking on page one.

Getting the right total word count of your article is important as well, which is why its important to match your word count requirements with the publisher that youre going to go on.

As mentioned before, certain websites might give you limitations on how long your articles can be.

Now heres a big one when writing your content.

Make sure your affiliate links are created with the URL shortener or redirection plugin.

The reason for this is because most of the time, once the article is live, you wont have the ability to edit the article.

If you wanna switch affiliate links, for whatever reason, such as your affiliate partner changes their link structure then you wanna be able to edit it later on your side.

You can do this with the URL shorteners, but I recommend using a redirection plugin.

I wrote an article back in 1912 on how to do this.

Check it out using the link in the description.

Now that your article is written, the content is dressed up and the affiliate links are added, make sure you double check everything.

This is your last chance to make edits.

So now that your article is live, does it just magically get to the top of Google.

To be honest, sometimes yes, but sometimes you need a bit more of a kick.

Heres where you level up.

I bet you can guess whats come me next.

Yes, thats right. More links.

With parasite SEO, you wanna hit these articles with a ton of link juice.

That is links from pages with a ton of links going to them.

PBN links shine here, as youre getting links from the actual homepages of websites, which typically have a ton of links themselves.

For PBNs, Im using Rank Club links service.

Link in the description.

Usually, I send three to five PBN links directly to the article using all-target-rich anchor text.

But you cant send all homepage links to single URL.

It just looks improbable to Google and it could prevent you from ranking.

Which is why I also send about 5 to 10 link insertion links.

That is outreach links in existing articles.

And for this, Im using Authority Builders.

Link in the description.

For these links, Im using a mix of 50% target anchor text and 50% per brand anchor text, such as Observer or SFGATE.

Now what happens if you know youre going after a super challenging keyword and you need even more power, or you wanna blanket a niche and have multiple listings ranked.

Hold onto your butt because (beep) is about to get real.

Remember I told you to get your first article on the best domain rating site that you can find? Now, what youre gonna do is get similar articles placed on other publisher site.

Lets say your first article was on the best protein powder and you got it on

Get a second article on another publisher like SF Examiner on best whey protein powder, but when you do so you link from the SF Examiner article to your head honcho article on Observer.

SF Examiner has dofollow links in their article so, boom, you just got a nice DR 80 link to your original site.

Hell, why not send one of the this to your money site too? Rinse and repeat, and youre now on your way to complete niche domination.

So what do I think about this loophole? How long do I think itll last? Honestly, I think that Google is likely already working on this.

But theyre in a pickle.

They bake the importance of backlinks in their algorithm, which are indeed a super valuable indicator of a website being good.

So its hard for them to back out.

Thanks for watching.

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