My Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2022 – 7 Steps to 500,000 Website Visitors in a Year

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My Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2022 – 7 Steps to 500,000 Website Visitors in a Year - read the full article about seo updates april 2022, Search engine optimization and from Anastasia Blogger on Qualified.One
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in the last year pinterest brought to one of my blogs almost half a million sessions according to my google analytics thats 93 of all my social media traffic so if youre still doubting whether its worth investing your time and effort into pinterest or maybe you should focus on facebook instagram or other platforms well keep thinking my friend in the meantime folks like me will leverage all the free pinterest traffic that is left for us out of your generosity but seriously lets talk about pinterest and how you can use it to consistently drive free traffic to your website this year i will talk about the industries types of businesses and niches that work particularly well on pinterest and this video will give you seven most practical steps that will help you get traffic leads and even sales from pinterest this video can be a little on the longer side so if youre in a hurry then feel free to use the timestamps that i will give you in the description below this video and watch the parts of the video that are the most interesting for you now i will focus on things that work well on pinterest right now not three years ago and thats important because things do change over time maybe not fundamentally but many little things in how were using pinterest this year are changing because the platform is adjusting to what their audience wants and likes [Music] hi im anastasia of and on this channel i share my online business pinterest marketing and blogging tips my goal is to help 1 million human beings transition to online income streams like i did a few years back if this sounds interesting to you i dont need to tell you which buttons to click do i check them out there okay i assume you already clicked them lets dive into the steps that you need to take to be successful on pinterest step number one understand if pinterest will work for your industry or your niche if you ask me will pinterest work for a brick and mortar business like a local coffee shop not a global brand but something that operates in one city for example i will be the first one to tell you pinterest is not going to work so great for this kind of business or if you want to promote products targeting men only its not the best fit for this platform because the majority of pinterest audience are still women or if you have a website in a hungarian language or you want to drive traffic from pinterest dont get me wrong but your audience will be very limited and hungarian is just an example it could be german or hindi you can try pinterest but you need to understand that your numbers will never get to the same levels as your competitors have with their sites in english targeting you as based audience on pinterest this platform is most popular in the united states so maybe in case of a blog or an e-commerce site in hungarian it is best to focus on google traffic speaking of e-commerce i just wanted to mention here as well that pinterest works very very well for e-commerce businesses nowadays so well that some bloggers are even getting upset that pinterest is giving so much space to e-commerce stores and sends them so much traffic now as for the niches you can look it up for yourself once you have a business account on pinterest you will get the same data in your account i will talk about creating a business account in a few moments but for now bear with me and i will show you which niches do really well on pinterest just look in the pinterest analytics click on audience insights then choose all pinterest users and you will find the top categories that are art home decor diy in arts entertainment design womens fashion and so on and you can look inside each big category that they show with smaller topics all of these have a high potential audience on pinterest now step number two create a pinterest business account once you evaluated whether or not pinterest is a good fit for your business for your niche the next step is to actually create a business account and ive got this question a few times on the channel is it really necessary to use a business account can i keep my personal account and create pins linked to my website from that account the short answer is no you should not use a personal account on pinterest to attract traffic to any website because that would be against pinterest terms of service and you could get your personal account suspended for this this could happen not on the day one or day 45 of running your account i dont know when it could happen but the longer you run your account that way the worse you would feel about getting it suspended over time you will have lots of pins created and a lot of time and effort wasted the second reason to use a business account is because it will allow you to verify your website and pinterest gives priority distribution to pins that are linked to verified domains you will also have pinterest analytics which is not available for pinterest accounts in addition to all of that pinterest business account is free to create and to run it and you can even convert your existing personal account to a business account if you have an old account and you want to keep your followers you can do that in just a few clicks there is a separate video on my channel that shows you step by step how to set a business account and if this step is relevant to you then check the link up there and in the description below now step number three is creating seo optimized boards your pinterest account will consist of boards and each board is a collection of pins around the same topic when you think about your boards they should have keywords relevant to your niche in the titles and descriptions of the board how i would go about creating boards is always based on what youre covering on your website and the categories of content or products that you have on the site lets take as an example home decor niche if you plan creating content around various home decor styles like bohemian style farmhouse style minimalism and so on or you might have categories on your site based on the different spaces in house like living room decor kitchen decor bathroom decor and so on your board titles should be relevant to what you already have or maybe you plan to have on your website ideally you should create your boards a few months in advance and start saving to them popular pins from other accounts relevant to the focus keyword in the board title youre doing this to show pinterest algorithm what your board is about so by the time when youre ready to save your own relevant pins the platform will have some idea how to categorize your own pins now if you want to get a better idea about pinterest seo in general then check out my free pinterest master class youll find the link up there and in the description below now step number four is designing your pins the thing that i noticed is most intimidating for people that are starting on pinterest is that you will have to design vertical images and videos specifically for this platform well the thing is vertical content format is not so unique to pinterest anymore thats because most of the users are spending time online on their mobile devices more than on desktop computers these days so you can totally reuse your vertical images and photos across multiple platforms including pinterest tick-tock instagram and even facebook if you have stories and youtube you can use short videos and shorts and also vertical images as stories on youtube you can add a link to the relevant page on your site to each image pin in this destination field the recommended size for image pins is 1000 by 1500 pixels the second type of pins is video pins and they should be vertical or square videos and they have to be short pinterest actually recommends creating videos around 5 to 15 seconds video pins typically dont generate as many clicks as image pins and since its harder to create videos than images in my opinion you should only work with this format if you have the resources for this otherwise youre better off focusing on image pins if you want to know all about the requirements for video pins check out my video dedicated to this format ill give you a link to the video up here and in the description below and im sorry if ill have to point you to my previous videos from time to time because its just impossible to include in this one every little detail related to pinterest marketing it would make this video at least an hour long and not everyone needs that many details so for those of you who want to learn more about video pins you can click on that link to the dedicated video and everybody else lets keep going now the third pin type is idea pins and theyre the most recent format on the platform they were initially called story pins because they are essentially very similar to stories on instagram and facebook but then pinterest changed the name to ideapins and they can include both videos and images but this type of pin doesnt allow content creators to add direct links to their pages so theyre not generating as much traffic as image pins to create an idea pin on desktop you will need to click on this create id pin button and if youre on mobile app the button is at the bottom of the screen want to know more about the best practices for idea pins then again check my dedicated video up here and in the description below pinterest has also carousel pin format that is rarely used and it gives a lot of work and it doesnt have any special perks in the algorithm as of now at least so i dont think that you should even bother creating them for now by the way if you have any questions about pinterest the best place to ask me is in the comments below this video i do my best to answer all the questions and i appreciate any kind of engagement and support to this channel especially in hint nice comments and likes on my videos now step number five learn what works on pinterest this year this step is really crucial for your success because like any other platform pinterest is constantly tweaking their interface user experience and the algorithm so things that you used to work a few years ago on pinterest might be completely useless or even harmful for your account this year and moving forward so if you want to be always up to date with the recent changes and updates i really dont know why you havent yet click the subscribe and bell buttons to get notifications about my new videos because my youtube channel has a strong focus on pinterest marketing im in the trenches of it because i drive traffic from pinterest to my own blogs i also work with hundreds of members in my pinterest seo traffic secrets course and i provide pinterest account audits and consultations for my one-on-one clients while working with businesses and clients from many different industries and niches i get to see their stats the problems that they might have encountered with pinterest and also the things that helped them grow faster for example you might have read somewhere or watched some video that recommends you to join group boards on pinterest and you might have wasted hours upon hours of work trying to be accepted to these group boards but the reality is that group boards have been barely any helpful on pinterest for at least a couple of years now pinterest decided at some point that group boards have been abused by spammers so pin save to huge and generic group boards became way less effective as the algorithm started penalizing those group words but if you subscribed for my channel you would have known that so just press on that red button and lets move on the other thing that you need to know about pinterest updates that are happening this year is idea pins this format is relatively new to the platform and so pinterest is trying to encourage content creators and businesses to make more of idea pins its hard to convince us to make them because well you cannot link to any page from idea pins like you can do with image pins but the algorithm is pushing idea pins to the top and since so much space is given to id pins regular pins are not getting as many eyes and clicks as they used to id pins can bring traffic indirectly users would have to click on the pinterest profile that created the pin and from there they might end up on your sites home page and this traffic can bounce quickly if your home page has nothing to do with the idea pin that they came from but if your home page is captivating or if you have a sign up form on it you could even grow your email list using ideapins another thing worth mentioning here is that in some countries in the united states and the united kingdom as im recording of this video you actually can add links to products from your idea pins currently it only works on pinterest app so you have to do it on your mobile phone not on desktop computer and you still cannot link to whatever page on your site you like from an image pin but you can tag either products on your site which is great news for e-commerce businesses or you can make a direct link to an affiliate product so you dont need to send traffic to your website first in this case now you need to understand that new things can come up at any time and while i covered in this portion of the video as much as possible about the updates on pinterest you might be watching it a month from now and there is something new i cannot change the content of a published video but i found a different solution i have a very long blog post on my site that has a history of all the updates and new features that happened on pinterest in the last few years at the top part of the post you will find most recent changes while i cannot update a video once its published i can update my article so if you want to check it out the link will be in the description down below now step number six practice your patience pinterest doesnt work like tick tock or perhaps instagram if you have been on pinterest for many years you might have seen those times when a new pin could get a couple of hundred views on day one and maybe even a thousand views in in a few days that could happen with some established accounts in the past but these days checking impressions on individual pins obsessively in the first couple of days at least or hours is useless i mean you can still do it if you feel like you need more drama and stress in your life or if you want to look like this for everyone else what you need is first give me a thumb up for reminding you of this old grumpy cat meme and second you need to post on pinterest and forget about your pins for a month or maybe a few months let the algorithm do its thing and you will see impressions on your individual pins climb up over time its very common to see from zero to three impressions on your new pins and this happens even with established pinterest accounts what you need to pay attention to is your overall account analytics to see if there is a positive dynamic from your efforts and even more so you need to keep an eye on your google analytics because thats where you can actually see the amount of traffic that pinterest brings you now step number seven use automation when you need it in my pinterest course i have an entire module dedicated to scheduling pins through tailwind scheduler its the most pinterest oriented scheduler out there and if you use tailwind you can also plan your content for instagram and facebook under the same account i published a separate video with a tailwind tutorial and you will find it up here and in the description below you will also find there in the description below a link that gives you first month of tailwind for free and the thing is some people assume that they have to start using tailwind as soon as they created a pinterest account but its not by accident step 7 in my video its not the first thing that you need if your account is very new and youre just learning how to even create a pin then give yourself some time to understand the platform before you jump into automation if you have a new blog with 10 or even 20 blog posts or you have a small e-commerce store with a limited stock of items then dont even bother trying to schedule pins with tailwind right away you can use pinterests native scheduler at this stage when your daily pinning volume is relatively small but if youre managing pinterest for a website that has hundreds of pages you could create pins for then definitely have a look at tailwind because you will be able to schedule pins to several boards instead of doing it one at a time these are the most essential steps that you need to take if youre starting on pinterest this year if you found this video helpful give me a like subscribe and hit the bell button so that you dont miss my new videos dont forget to watch my pinterest master class if you havent already done it and the link will be again up there and in the description below and before you close this page i manually picked for you some of the most important videos on my channel that can make you successful on pinterest check them out here and there and ill see you in the next videos [Music] you

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