I gave MrBeast a REAL LIGHTSABER and caused a DISASTER!

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I gave MrBeast a REAL LIGHTSABER and caused a DISASTER! - read the full article about video editing apps, Video production and In motion from Hacksmith Industries on Qualified.One
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Two weeks ago, MrBeast DMd me on Twitter.

He needed a Lightsaber for an upcoming video.

No problem.

I thought as I reached for our Protosaber, by the way, I need two lightsabers.

Two lightsabers in two weeks? This took us years to research and develop and six months to build.

And now we need a second one.

I hope this works out.

Oh, that sound scared me.

Do it again.

You did not tell me theres sound effects back there.

Im terrified.

And what he doesnt know is how close we were to ruining his video.

And you wont know until he watches this video for the first time, just Waalike you guys are watching it right now.

Wait, what? Waaa? Alright The original Protosaber was freaking awesome. It looked like a lightsaber.

It could cut stuff like a lightsaber and it even sounded like a lightsaber.

Were actually auctioning it off next month, but more on that later.

But for MrBeasts, these new lightsabers need to be way simpler, reliable, and last longer.

Im going to get bogged on revising the ignition method.

Bens going to find a new way to the lightsaber sound effects and Im going to start working on the backpack.

So its less suspicious looking.

So I dont get detained at the border trying to bring a lightsaber into the USA.

I actually just got detained in customs.

We hustled for the next two weeks, straight working late nights, weekends and drinking many a bubble tea, but it was looking great.

Fancy new handle design, all handmade on our lathe.

A cool looking backpack, built in speakers and it worked, super great.

Its hot.

Hes going to love this.

Now we just had to get them down to North Carolina in time for MrBeasts shoot.

All right so fun fact.

Did you know, the TSA actually allows lightsabers in your carry on luggage? Says right here.

Now, obviously thats more for Disney lightsabers and whatnot.

Um, so technically I could probably argue my lightsaber, but I dont think its going to fly.

And its a good thing I didnt, because I actually just got detained in customs, but it was pretty funny.

They took me into the holding room and apparently they looked me up and they found my Wikipedia page.

So when they asked what I was doing, I said, I was going down to meet MrBeast to be in a video and use our lightsaber.

Hes like, yeah, I know you made a lightsaber.

And then he asked if I was bringing it with me.

Im like, no, no, no, we shipped that down there.

But, uh, yeah.

Hopefully now I can get on the flight.

Darryl got us detained at the border and now James is also detained at the border.

Going well. Yeah going well.

Well, we arrived safely at the hotel, assembled the lightsabers and made sure we were good to go.

And now were here.

All right, check it out.

Weve got the two lightsabers for your video.

Im really excited to show you these things.

They are freaking awesome.

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Oh its pretty heavy.

Oh snap.


Could this tank on my back just literally exploded.

Yeah. Its, its impossible for it to explode.

I never know anything theyre saying, but okay.

Youre going to click it all the way down.

Dont do it yet.

I was about to do it.


Oh, that sound scared me.

You did not tell me there was sound effects back there.

Im terrified.

Bruh, I got a jump scare for that sound effect.

Oh my God.

Move it around a bit, it will make sound effects.

Im processing how dangerous this is and just weighing the risk of every movement.

Its way hotter than you would think.

Are we going to have a lightsaber duel? Yeah, were going to have a lightsaber fight.

Ah, that feels dangerous.

Does anyone else be like a real lightsaber duel is like really dangerous? A bad idea? Can we literally just touch tips.


Ahhhhhh hah haaa. Ah, thats hot.

I dont even know how to process this.

And then do it again.

Lets go.

I figured it out.


Oh my gosh, bro.

This thing goes quick.

I call dibs on burning Chris because I know him the best and I know he wont get mad.

All right, Im going for Chandler.

Sorry, Karl.

Hey Chandler! Oh God. Youre a mad man.

I love it.

Youre next.

How much do I have to pay for one of these lightsabers? Can I buy one? $69,420 Thats just what the bid starts, right? Thats true.

But we cant actually like.

Can I buy one? Well, how much should I have to pay you to make me one of these glorious machines? Ian? This is cool.

Why dont I have one of these in my house? Why dont you have one of these? Well, you can, if you just bid on the thing, linked below.

No seriously.

Were actually giving up our Protosaber the Worlds First Retractable Proto-Lightsaber.

This is not a joke weve spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing lightsaber tech.

And now is your chance to own a piece of engineering history along with it is our very first Hacksmith NFT drop, bidding starts on May 4th.

Youll just have to out bid MrBeast first.

I want one.

Checkout Hacksmith.store or watch the end of the video for more info.

Why dont you have one of these? Well, you can, if you just bid, unless youre an idiot, you know honestly, like I thought it would be way more gimmicky, but it like Ive turned it on and off like five times.

Like you can just keep doing it? It will work.

I just keep going.

Like it shouldnt work this well, Take him out! Take him out! Im not going to die.

Thats insane.

You guys are living crazy.

What are you making me do, bro? He looks like he has an eye patch now.

Yes, no spoilers.

But these lightsabers will be used in an upcoming video to light a house on fire, Full of children.

Watch to see it.

But wait! I thought you said you almost ruined MrBeasts video? Dont worry.

Its coming.

Its shoot day from MrBeasts video.

Were getting the lightsaber set up, last minute checks, and then its out to the ice rink.

Why are we at an ice rink? Well, MrBeasts video is a classic amazing race style video, where two contestants are in a race to win $100,000 cash.

They need to complete each stage via, closer and closer to that cash prize.

The next set of coordinates are inside this safe and the contestants needs some way to open it.

Only they had some way that was... a lightsaber! Why do you have this? Does the government know? Now like responsible young adults, we arrived early to make sure everything was good to go.

When Jimmy showed up, everything looked great.

Lightsabers work perfectly.

So we had some time to kill.

Yo, I could stare at this for hours.

This is the best pair of glasses Ive ever worn in my life.

You should buy it Hacksmith.store To our health and lightsabers This might be the first more ever cooked by lightsabers.

And like it got the job done.

Now, Ian and I have been friends since high school and a little competitive.

So we decided to have a little race to see who would slide further on the ice rink.

I had the genius idea to start on the red carpet to give us some traction before our slide.

It took me a moment to realize what we had just done.

The production crew looked like they were going to murder us.

My heart sank.

We just ruined a MrBeast video.

We had just smashed weeks and weeks worth of work and potentially ruined a hundred thousand dollar shoot.

You see the safes were laced with gallium to make it faster for the lightsabers cut through them.

But the issue is when gallium gets cold, its very brittle.

So when the safe fell, it literally shattered the door.

And MrBeast was due to arrive in less than 30 minutes.

We leapt into Hacksmith style MacGyver action.

We collected all the shards of gallium, borrowed a bowl from the snack bar and proceed to start melting it down.

Using our spare lightsaber.

I think we can fix this.

We set the door on smooth, concrete, and start pouring the molten gallium back into the crack.

Dustin, one of MrBeasts crew mentioned it took a few hours for the gallium to solidify when they first made the safes.

We had minutes to get back out on the ice.

Luckily, the guy who brought the ice for the lightsabers had a genius idea.

Use the propane.

Propane tank upside down and it really cold when it comes up.

Yeah, thats true.

Really good idea.

Lets see if this works, we grabbed the cut off blow torch head, put it on one of our spare propane cylinders and started pouring propane onto the gallium.

You see when gas expands, it drops in temperature significantly.

And besides making the air in the garage extremely flammable, the gallium started solidifying.

Minutes later, it was solid.

We got the safe back on the ice with fresh paint and drew on the new cut here marks.

And it was like nothing had ever happened.

Just glad we fixed it.

Whattup boys! Yo! Hello! A real working lightsaber That theyre going to have to use to cut these safes open for their next coordinates.

Then who knows these coordinates could lead to the $100,000.

And when I say working, I literally mean it works. This is a real lightsaber.

Chris look what we have! Oh my god! $100,000 is on the line boys.

All you have to do is click it twice and it will go up.

Youre gonna want to go like this and follow the dotted line.

Oh gosh, hes going! Hes going! We have a real working lightsaber for you! Oh my god that is so cool. Bro.

Yes! Now were cooking! There you go! What the frick just happened? Theres a $100,000 on the line. We dont have time for this activity.

Holy %$#^ Thats a wrap. Were done! So we almost ruined MrBeasts video Yeah, the, uh, the safe door fell, broke all the gallium.

Everyone freaked out.

Theres talks about removing the scene altogether.

Like we got invited down here to do the lightsaber thing.

And then we almost like ruin literally our part of the lightsaber thing.

Jimmy would have killed us.

But we fixed it.

We fixed it.

Cause were, were Hacksmiths.

Its moments like these that keep you alive or bring you closer to death.

Dont forget to check out Hacksmith.store for your chance to bid on a real freaking lightsaber, this is the first time Ive ever sold one of my creations.

Im extremely torn about letting this one go, but I need the money to fund my master plan of turning Hacksmith Industries into real life Stark Industries.

Visit Hacksmith.store for more info.

and dont forget to download State of Survival today using my link below.

Hacksmith Industries: I gave MrBeast a REAL LIGHTSABER and caused a DISASTER! - Video production