Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad (2021 Review!)

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Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone & iPad (2021 Review!) - read the full article about video editing apps, Video production and In motion from Justin Brown - Primal Video on Qualified.One

- This is our Roundup of the best video editors for iOS in 2021.

Were gonna take a look at all the leading options after our in-depth testing, and all the pros and cons to help you decide the best option for you.

And well wrap it up with my top pick for the best video editing app for iPhone and iPad right now.

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Lets jump into it.

Now, as we go through, make sure to let me know down in the comments, whats your favorite video editing app on iOS right now.

And most importantly, why? So whether you agree with my choice or not, Id love to hear your thoughts.

So there is a lot of options for editing apps on iOS.

Youve got things like Adobe Premier Rush, Alight Motion, Videoleap, FilmoraGo, iMovie, InShot, kineMaster, Luma Fusion, PowerDirector, Quick, VivaVideo, and Splice, and thats not even all of them.

So after putting them through their paces, weve ended up with a short list of my top three video editing apps on iOS right now.

So were gonna take a look at each of those in more detail before we get to my top, number one pick at the end.

So the first one on the shortlist then is VN Video Editor.

This one is totally free, no watermark, and it is an amazing app.

Its got a really easy to use intuitive interface.

Its fast, its powerful, and it packs in a ton of features as well.

Along with the other app options in our short list, this one is a multi-track video editor, meaning that you can stack, or you can layer up your video clips on top of them for more professional video editing.

And this app is also cross-device compatible, meaning that there is an Android version of it, there is also a Mac version of it.

And Im told there is a windows version coming too, and there is the ability to move and transfer your project between devices as well.

I spent a bit of time with the Mac version already, and it was one of our top picks for best video editing software on Mac.

So well-played VN.

Its got the ability to save and create presets and templates in there.

So if you wanna use the same graphics and titles and things in multiple videos, then thats really, really easy.

And its also really easy to switch between different video formats.

So if youre creating a widescreen version and then you wanna reformat for a portrait version of your video to repurpose your content to maybe an Instagram story or something, that makes it really easy to do that in here as well.

Then in regards to the downsides of the things to be aware of, there is one thing that annoys me.

Im not sure if you can turn it off or I havent found where you can turn it off, is when you create a new editing project, there is a title screen that is created, that shows up at the end of your video.

You can delete it, you should delete it.

Youve just got to remember to delete it.

If you forget, its going to show up at the end of your video.

So not a deal breaker, just something to be aware of when you create a new project, just delete the little title card at the end, and youll be good to go.

The next step then is VLLO or V L L O.

And this is another amazing app thats available for both iOS and Android.

Once again, its got a really intuitive, really easy to use interface.

Id probably say its next level app, maybe a little bit more polish or a little bit more refined than the interface on VN Video Editor, but it also includes some more professional features as well.

Things like an adjustment layer, which is something that youd normally only see in professional grade video editing software, this adjustment layer will let you apply filters and effects and things to it.

And its going to apply to any of your video clips or photos or anything that are underneath it.

So I really amazing powerful feature.

I really like the way that your audio wave forms are displayed.

So if youre going to be editing your content down based on audio, based on a voiceover, that makes it really easy to do in here.

And just like VN, its also really easy to switch between different formats.

So converting your video from a widescreen to a portrait or a square, thats really easy in here as well.

And the other standout feature for me is I really like the level of control you get, over the look and feel of your video, your color affects, your color grades, the filters and things that are in there.

They make it so easy to dial everything in with a great amount of control.

In regards to pricing, there is a free version available where you can export your videos without a watermark.

If you watch through an ad or sometimes two ads, but to remove the ads and to unlock all the features, including that adjustment layer feature, and thats when you need to jump on one of their paid subscriptions, which is currently priced at $3.99 per month, or $7.99 annually.

So I think thats ridiculously cheap considering what youre getting access to.

Third option then is LumaFusion.

And this one is hands down the most professional video editing app on iOS.

This one really mimics what you would find on professional desktop video editing software.

So it has the most amount of tools, the most amount of features and control as you would expect with a more professional editing solution.

Now, in terms of the overall interface and usability, this one is definitely aimed at someone at that intermediate to more advanced level.

And its not gonna be as easy for someone to jump in and to get up to speed editing quick, as something like VN or VLLO.

But at the same time is not gonna be too daunting for someone to jump in and figure out where everything is and then have access to all of those advanced features.

So in terms of actually editing, its gotta magnetic timeline to really mimics what you would find in Final Cut or even DaVinci Resolve.

Theres a ton of effects.

There is support for things like Luts, or Look-Up tables for professional color grading.

You even have the ability to really dial in your audio controls and use key frames to get everything set how you want it.

Or for simplicity, theres also an amazing auto ducking feature where it automatically lower your volume or raise it depending on whats going on in your video at that time.

And another standout feature is that you also have the ability to export your LumaFusion project and import it into Final Cut on your Mac, meaning that you could start your edit on the go, on your phone or on your iPad, and then transition it over to Final Cut for finishing.

Not that you need to, but you have that capability.

I also like that you can customize up the interface and this is something that a lot of editing apps dont let you do.

I think if youre gonna be using a smaller device like your phone, this is really important.

So it allow you to customize up what youre seeing on the screen as youre doing different things.

So you can make the timeline bigger, the timeline smaller, and resize your actual playback window, so that youre able to maximize the screen real estate that youve got access to.

Now, in regards to pricing, there is no watermark free version available.

This is a paid app and it is a one-time purchase, meaning that you dont need to sign up to a monthly fee or a monthly subscription.

So LumaFusion is currently selling one time for 29.99, again, ridiculously cheap, given the pro level of tools that youre getting access to.

So those are my top three apps right now on iOS, but which one is going to be best for who? And whats my top pick? Lets say that VN Video Editor is gonna be great for someone at that absolute beginner level, right through to intermediate pushing on advanced.

Given the amount of features and controls and everything thats in there, given how easy it is to use.

Its going to be a great option for a lot of people.

VLLO is going to be very similar in that its gonna be good for someone at that absolute beginner level, because its still got that intuitive interface right through to advanced because it does have a lot of those pro level features like the adjustment layer and some of the other more professional features that are in it.

And then LumaFusion is really gonna be great for someone at that intermediate through to advanced level or a beginner, willing to invest some time to get up to speed and figure it out.

But really its gonna be great for someone who is looking for the most professional application, the most amount of features and controls to really dial in the look and feel of the video that theyre creating.

Now, in terms of which one is my number one pick right now on iOS, it really is gonna go to Luma Fusion.

It is crazy.

The amount of features and everything that is in there and how fast it is and how well it works with pro level footage as well.

And I also really liked that I can take my projects and open them up in Final Cut.

But I also have to say that a very, very, very close second is actually VN Video Editor, which is crazy.

Because up until fairly recently, if I just needed to do a quick edit on my phone, I was using LumaFusion or I was using VLLO.

But now the app that Im finding Im opening up the most is actually VN Video Editor.

And its Mac version is amazing as well.

And obviously with the price tag of free, it is an amazing offer.

So now that youve got your video editing apps sorted, if youd like to level up your video editing skills, then Ive got two things for you.

The first one is a video that is linked on the screen, taking you through our video editing process, helping you edit faster and more efficiently with minimal wasted time.

The second one is our PDF guide of that video.

Meaning that you can print out those steps and follow along while youre editing your next video.

So grab your copy, check out that video and I will see you in the next one.


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