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DomCare Management and Monitoring Mobile App by Exploding Phone

Some details

DomCare has a mobile workforce of around 100 carers who carry out visits to clients in their own homes. DomeCare wanted to modernise the way they share visit schedule information with carers and also to gather real-time data when a carer checks in and out of a visit.

We built an Android application which is used by carers to see their up-to-date schedule data. In each of their client',s homes is a care folder which

contains an NFC tag. Carers just need to swipe their Android handset over the NFC tag to check into and out of the visit. This data is securely sent back to a cloud-based platform over the internet which allows a real-time picture of the carer’s progression through their schedule to be formed. It also adds to the carer’s safety as they can often be working alone.

DomCare currently run their business from an MS Access database system. As this is integral to several processes such as billing and accounting which are external to the app, we have built an interface between MS Access and the cloud platform. This frequently synchronises data between the two databases, allowing DomCare to continue using familiar tools and processes.

Since the successful launch of the DomCare mobile app, we have also built an iOS management app. This allows the DomCare management to manage clients and carers. They can also view visits, changing the carers assigned to cover them. The app also notifies the DomCare management if there are any upcoming visits which do not have suitable cover.

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