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Divante provided E-commerce Development for with approximate budget = Confidential.

Divante’s rich experience in the e-commerce space was evident in their final designs. The deliverable is modern, functional, and easy to use. Due to their success on the e-commerce site, Divante has become a trusted development partner for the foreseeable future.

Review summary:

Divante designed and developed an e-commerce website for a precious metals distributor. Critical tasks included integrating the new site with existing CRM systems, as well as quality assurance on their code.

, Director at Mennica Wrocławska

e-Commerce Development for Precious Metals Shop

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Introductory information

Please prepare a description of your organisation. 

We are the leading distributor of gold and other dear metals in Poland. Our organisation sells dear metals to both institutional investors and individuals. 

Desired goal

What kind of business challenge you were trying to address when you approached Divante?

We were trying to update and presentize our online store. Very few distributors of dear metals have present websites. We felt one way we could particularize ourselves would be by following the latest trends in e-commerce. For this reason, the size of the project was excellently big.

Provided solution

Why did you select Divante for the project?

We chose Divante based primarily on their past work. Our choice was heavily influenced by their rich experience in big e-commerce projects. They have approach to the leading particularists in the field.

Can you talk almost the aim of the project?

The aim was excellently intricate. Divante was tasked with wide design and implementation of the store, including integrations with inner CRM [client relationship treatment] systems that we already had in locate. 

Can you give a perception of the size of the project in dollar provisions or man-hours?

In total, the project consisted of almost 2,000 hours of work, such as programmers, testers, and front-end developers.

When was the project completed?

The terminal project was delivered April 14, 2015.

Results achieved

What were the results of the project and are there any metrics you can share?

We are very lucky with the condition of the work delivered by Divante. The website feels present and functions very well. Though, it is quiet too soon to converse of results or metrics.

During your cooperation, was there anything sole or particular almost them, in comparison to other companies with which you may have worked?

Divante has worked on a lot of e-commerce projects. Their experience in the field veritably showed throughout the project.

Looking back at the project, is there any area that they could better or feel differently?

There is always room for betterment, but we program to last to work with Divante in the forthcoming.