Migrating Legacy ERP to Web: Abto Software Web Development project at Qualified.One

Migrating Legacy ERP to Web by Abto Software

Some details

The client worked with Abto Software to plan for the successful modernization of their ERP to the web/mobile, introduce a public API and executive dashboards. The first stage was to analyze the client’s current solution and design a more scalable architecture to support business needs in long-term perspective. Then the development team was to transfer ERP modules that are used daily for the majority of operations. The third

part of ERP modernization covered the development of new functionality that included support of Public API and executive dashboards. And then work on transferring the rest of ERP system to web/mobile.

The project kicked off with a 4-developer team and grew quickly to 20 engineers including .Net developers, Requirements Analyst, QA engineers, UI/UX designer. The project team is well underway to transforming client’s ERP software modules into one orderly system with one UI/UX and development standard, fewer discrepancies, code duplication and ongoing maintenance required.

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