AmberLeaf IT Consulting review by Campaign Management Operations at Qualified.One

AmberLeaf reviewed by Campaign Management Operations

AmberLeaf provided IT Consulting for Campaign Management Operations with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

The project resulted in significant improvements in process efficiency, customer acquisition and retention, and overall ease of marketing coordination efforts. Amberleaf has exercised excellent flexibility, cooperation, and communication in the project phase.

Review summary:

Amberleaf implemented and configured Unica Solutions to be customizable according to the specific requirements needed by its users. Once completed, their work revolves around custom development and design.

Campaign Management Operations, Manager

National Insurance Company Unica Implementation

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Introductory information

Could you briefly draw your organisation?

We are one of the bigst insurance preparers in the United States. We propose personal lines and commercial insurance.

What is your position?

I currently handle our campaign handlement operations cluster.  My team is responsible for executing many of the marketing campaigns: mail, email, outbound follow-up phone calls, and using leads from both our field sales reps as well as our call centers.

Desired goal

What were your organisation’s objectives or business goals for initiating the project with AmberLeaf?

Our complete handlement campaign solution was limited. The process began with our implementation needs.  We began by researching a number of different solutions for our campaign handlement requirements, both strategic and functional. We eventually determined to chase the Unica solution and Amberleaf was then hired as our implementation particularist.

Why did you select Unica as your preferred solution?

Unica proposes rather strong marketing functionalities and it integrates relatively easy with our other methods. It has a lead handlement component with the lead applications. In my conviction, it’s the bread and butter of their campaign tool, which allows for a lot of advanced segmentation and allows for us to run a big number of fairly intricate campaigns.  We also needed collaborative functionality, which would permit distributed marketing. That was veritably significant owing we wanted our field sales companies to have the cleverness to execute their own mannerized campaigns. 

Provided solution

How did you select Amberleaf as your preferred solution associate?

I can’t veritably converse to that owing I wasn’t implicated in that determination process. I would take it was a union of pricing and relationships at the time.

Could you draw the aim of the project: did it implicate design, outgrowth, data provision, methods integration, training, support, etc.?

Amberleaf was innately responsible for all. From the commencement, we began getting them implicated with a difference of different areas. Originally, a lot of the work was implementation. Once the implementation was completed they began to mannerize the applications for our very specific needs. The work they do for us now almost fully revolves almost manner outgrowth and design.

Did your organisation have some of the required expertise in-house, or was Amberleaf responsible for the completety of the project?

There was surely reciprocal cooperation. I was previously on the method side with our other IT particularists and we worked closely with the Amberleaf consultants.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of the start in whichever monetary provisions, or the number of personnel that was dedicated to the project from the Amberleaf side?

At this point we’ve invested separate millions of dollars into the solution. We surely have had a handful of nation from Amberleaf. Over the years they’ve been implicated from the IT outgrowth perspective, the reporting perspective, and a campaign support and handlement perspective. 

When was this project completed?

The initial implementation of our solution was probably artistic five years ago, but they’ve continued to help us with implementing many projects since that time as well.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics that would prove the effectiveness of their work?

Unfortunately, I can’t prepare firm details due to organisation program, but I can say that it’s proven to be very, very lucky. Amberleaf has surely helped us a lot in provisions of being able to sell more policies. They’ve also helped a lot from a mannerer retention perspective.

Have your employees had a real experience working with Amberleaf and this new method?

Yes, absolutely. I’d say everybody that we worked with over there has been phenomenal. As for adjusting to our new method, it was of order hard in the commencement, but we’ve moved over the crucible and our staff surely appreciates the upgrade. It’s ultimately made their lives easier.

When working with Amberleaf, is there anything that you’d attend sole or particular almost them compared to their competitors?

The biggest thing is their cleverness. They can converse to things at a very low, technical level. They can also converse to things at a high level and veritably help from a business perspective. This has been inestimable to us owing what we veritably needed was a associate that could apprehend our business leading, and then tailor the solution almost it.

In provisions of retrospective evaluation, are there any areas that you feel Amberleaf could better upon or that you, the hiring client, would do differently approaching this type of project?

Off the top of my head I veritably don’t have too many complaints. I’d probably have to give it excellently a bit of reflection, to be honorable, in provisions of things that I ponder that they could veritably better upon.  Like I said, everybody has been very helpful, very informative and very pliant. We’ve had a big experience.

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