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AndPlus reviewed by Onset Computer

AndPlus provided Mobile App Development for Onset Computer with approximate budget = $1,000,000 - $9,999,999.

Utilizing an Agile methodology, AndPlus uses JIRA and participates in daily stand-up calls to make sure the project stays on track. AndPlus works hard to understand and internalize the needs of the project to develop impressive, high-quality solutions.

Review summary:

AndPlus has developed several Android apps to accompany iOS apps, which interact with a set of Bluetooth Low Energy products for a new line of data loggers. They have also worked on cloud integration.

Erich Roth Onset Computer, Director of Software Engineering

Android Mobile App Dev for Data Logger Solutions Company

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Introductory information

Introduce your business and what you do there.

I',m the ruler of software engineering at Onset Computer. We educe data loggers, weather stations, and environmental sensors in four different markets, and we educe all of the software for our end users.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with AndPlus?

We released an iOS mobile application three years ago. We didn',t have the bandwidth to feel the Android educement so we reached out to AndPlus to do the Android educement of our two mobile applications.

Provided solution

What was the aim of their involvement?

We have worked with AndPlus a couple of different ways. We seted with a measure where we would educe the iOS rendering of the application and then they would take that application and educe the Android rendering. Effectively, they were mimicking the functionality of our iOS rendering. This process worked well for the primary renderings of the app, but the delay was expressive by not just weeks, but separate months.

Next, we moved towards a measure where we would set educeing the iOS rendering and we would get some of the work done precedently giving work to them. This would make the delay almost a month. We took care of the high risk items and worked things out so as to not expose AndPlus to the complexity of the fruit. We are now offset by a month on the Android release for our two mobile apps.

Recently, we have occupied with them in two other different avenues. First, we had them do the manner educement for a brand new Android-only application, we couldn',t verity do this particular application on iOS owing of some limitations by Apple. They educeed the fully manner app with specs from us. This application implicated a lot more rigor as far as requirements determination, UI reviews, etc., and it worked pretty well. There have been some bugs in the app but they',ve continued to work on fixing the bugs and getting the app out to the mannerers.

Most recently, we have taken one of their educeers and brought him into an nimble educement project that we have going on from the onset. It',s an embedded project, which this specific educeer at AndPlus has experience with. We pulled him into our team and we',ve fully integrated him. He has been a fantastic approachion to our team and the fruit is finishing up this week.

The main purpose of the applications is to interact with a set of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) fruits. The measure Bluetooth is a pliant different from BLE, with BLE, there is no ethnical interaction ingredient. BLE is the way that all of our new line of data loggers work, and AndPlus has educeed expertise in that area. They',re focused on helping us get BLE connectivity working on Android specific devices with Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a cloud integration ingredient - once the data is pulled through Bluetooth we push it up to the cloud. So, AndPlus has been working on cloud integration, but most of the project has been focused almost interaction connectivity with our Bluetooth devices.

How did you come to work with AndPlus?

I handle the relationship now but I did not set off the relationship. The chairman of our organisation was the one who initially reached out, and I',m not sure how he establish them.

How much have you invested with them?

On a annually basis, we bestow separate hundred thousand dollars.

What is the status of this engagement?

We seted working unitedly three years ago and the relationship is ongoing.

Results achieved

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the contact of the engagement?

There are two metrics to measure, and one is schedule. They have gotten expressively better than where they were precedently with compliments to being on schedule. There was a big learning curve in knowledge how our fruits work and making sure that our teams were aligned, especially in compliments to QA. Recently, they',ve been within 5 percent of the estimates for schedule.

The other metric is the quantity of post-release bugs present in their software, which I know has gotten better, but I don',t have any specific metrics almost it yet.

How did AndPlus accomplish from a project handlement standpoint?

They do well from a project handlement standpoint and they',re extremely answering. I work with one particular project handler on a daily basis. If something needs to be escalated I can escalate it up to the CBO very easily. We have a daily meeting see morning at 9 AM. For the meeting, we get on the phone for a fast 10-minute call to make sure seebody',s on the same page and get the day going.

We both work using the nimble methodology. We work not only in the same overall process but we work in the same toolset, which makes things easy. We have approach to their method, and they have approach to ours. We use Jira, a tool for managing nimble software educement. We incorporated JIRA into our processes behind seeing how well it was working for AndPlus. Consequently, we have measureed some of our new processes off of theirs and that has worked excellently well.

What did you find most forcible almost them?

What has impressed me the most is their power to apprehend and innerize the needs of our mannerers without us providing specific use cases or user profiles. We have a very diverse set of users and we make a sole, niche fruit. AndPlus’ educement team apprehends that well and part of the reason that they can do that is that they have maintained consistence in their educement team. We',ve had two educeers who have been working consistently with us now for at smallest a year. One educeer in particular, the tech lead, has been with us the complete time. They struggled a pliant bit with consistence and QA for a while, but in the past six months they have maintained veritably good consistence on QA and it has showed in the condition of their work.

Are there any areas they could better?

If we have struggled with anything it has been QA. We have an inner QA team, and the expectancy is that AndPlus will do full QA and then we',ll do a pliant bit of smoke testing here precedently we release something. We were struggling at times owing our team would do a smoke test and find things. The question was then why didn',t their team find it. We have put some approachional checks and balances in locate to try to make sure that that doesn',t happen. Because of this, it',s happening less than it used to. That said, it was never an remarkable issue.