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At ANiMODUS we’re taking Managed IT Services to another level. To the right level. To a truly proactive level. So forget everything you know about IT providers and how they work, and let’s cultivate your vision with strategically proactive technology. At

We arent your standard IT company. We see whats ahead not just what exists right now.

We work as a pack. We tackle our clients problems together and we accomplish big things as a result.

Even as a pack its our personal experiences that allow us to create innovative solutions for our clients.

Were in this for the long haul — which is why we believe in a ’big picture’ holistic approach.

We plan prepare and decide what the proper way to approach things is. Simply putting in time isnt an option for us. Efficiency is what we expect internally and what our clients expect from us. This requires us to be creative when we design solutions.

We have complete respect for each others time including our customers. Being on time means that youre there 15 minutes early to everything. We do this by planning and preparing for everything we do.

Without a plan you are destined for failure. For this reason we prepare ourselves for everything we do. We slow down plan and execute. We have found that when we do this we have a clear head and can get the job done.

This is not only to ensure that data is backed up and secure — but also protected from security issues. Data is an integral part of our customers businesses and we are tasked with the protection of it. We have this as a core value to remind us and allow it to guide us in our decision-making process.

We focus on our core values and ensure that before we bring anyone on the team they are aligned with our core values. This automatically makes them a good fit for us from a personal and professional standpoint. We take that caring nature to our clients. We care about their business and about their livelihood. When they are strong we are strong.

We dont make excuses here. In fact we barely allow reasons to be utilized. Reasons and excuses are next door neighbors that live on the floor of unproductiveness. We instead look for the solution to the issue and own the process. This translates into a much more clear way of thinking.

The Communicator

Both the present and the future reside in IT. ’The Next Big Thing’ isnt something tangible it is digital. Its in the cloud. It is the cloud. I want to be a part of whatever is going to change someones life or business for the better.

I believe deeply in the role Animodus takes in their clients businesses. To have a seat at the table help them plan and to set each endeavor up for success. Its a team and there is something special about that.

Bringing them information that they can use to better run their business especially focusing on proactive efforts that prevent setbacks. If I can equip one client with something that helps them make a better decision or avoid a major disaster then my day is made.

I love solving problems. Ever since I was a small child Ive been drawn to problem solving much to my parents dismay. Id take apart and reassemble not always successfully pretty much anything electronic they gave me. I started in Finance and knew almost immediately that I wanted to be working with computers. It was frustrating not being able to find desktop help that could solve a wide array of issues so I took it upon myself to be that resource.

I was drawn to Animodus by the great people that work here. Even during the interview process I knew that these are people that are serious about their work want to help both employees and clients shine and have a passion for excellence. I enjoy having lunch with my coworkers and talking with them about issues that we encounter during the work day learning together as we go.

Im interested in Hiking Cycling Video Games Reading Cinema and FOOD. Im a huge fan of all things Blizzard Entertainment.

Ive been interested in technology for as long as I can remember. I love taking things apart and seeing how they work. Ive become much better at putting them back together. Its something that has always come easy for me and being able to focus that into a career has been a boon in my life.

I like working with a passionate team that cares about what they do. The Animodus approach to doing IT has resonated with me from the start. We have a well thought out list of core values that we can apply to everything we do. The most important one being ’No Excuses.’ Excuses dont fix things they only hurt what it is we#39;re trying to do. Which is to be the best IT company ever.

I see my greatest contribution to the team as being my ability to keep a level head. Things will get frustrating but not letting that dictate how I work makes the experience for everyone better. Also I think Im funny.

Ive been playing the drums and making music for almost 18 years. I love video games of all sorts especially the Zelda games. I have a stuffed sloth in my office that watches over me and sends out good vibes. I will also never pass up an opportunity for a well-placed hashtag. #SlothLyfe

IT is always a challenge and I love a challenge. As a constantly changing field IT demands both persistent innovation and life-long learning. Businesses today run on technology and by leveraging knowledge of the ever-changing IT landscape Animodus is able to add value to an organization in any market.

When I joined the team I was looking for somewhere to deeply invest in the people the clients and the organization. I wanted to build and grow something and to bring those with the same passion along on the journey. Since joining the leadership at Animodus I feel as though I have received as much as I have poured into the organization.

Our goal with Managed IT Services is to remove technology-based obstacles from the picture altogether — giving us the ability to focus on what really matters. Your vision. CREATED FOR YOUR FUTURE BUILT AROUND YOUR VISION