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Customer Experience Guide Page 2 by Ansafone Contact Centers

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In addition to leadership buy-in, a successful customer experience strategy also needs the support of the entire organization, not just the customer support department. Everyone needs to understand how their roles impact the company’s overarching goal of stellar customer experience. This may require breaking down departmental silos that can isolate teams and keep them from working toward the common goal. This also requires

providing consistent, ongoing employee training and support. Research has shown a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, which means you need to invest in staff to keep them motivated and reduce turnover. Successful customer experience strategy pairs the customer journey with employee engagement.


Customers today expect to have the same experience with your brand regardless of where and how they interact with you. Providing consistent customer experience across channels requires processes, integrated systems and company-wide buy-in. If you use multiple systems for managing customer service data and insights, this can be very challenging. As you develop your customer experience strategy, consider software solutions that allow employees to access information easily.


The first step in developing a customer experience strategy is to understand how customers currently experience your brand and what your goals are for the future. This can include conversations with stakeholders such as the Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Sales, Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. When developing your plan, make sure you include representatives from all departments, not just those that are customer-facing. It will be easier to gain company-wide support of your customer experience goals if you incorporate company-wide feedback and insights.

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