Brainspire Deploys Data Analysis Portal for Frontier Airlines: Brainspire Solutions Web Development project at Qualified.One

Brainspire Deploys Data Analysis Portal for Frontier Airlines by Brainspire Solutions

Some details

The Situation

  • Frontier Airlines was having a difficult time managing all the PowerBI, SSIS, and Excel Spreadsheet reports they had created and needed a way to manage these reports across users of their internal network
  • Security was a key concern for Frontier to ensure users only had access to information they were authorized to view


  • Brainspire was engaged to build a custom portal for their Enterprise Data Analytics / Business Intelligence team that integrated with the PowerBI, Azure Active Directory, and other reporting services
  • Brainspire created an administrative interface to upload new reports, set permissions, and manage data governance
  • Brainspire designed a series of standard templates for Frontier’s BI Developers to choose when developing new reports
  • The structure and style of the portal leveraged responsive design, so employees could view their reports on virtually any mobile device 

The Benefit

  • The custom BI Portal solution allowed the business to easily manage and view their information in ways that made sense to them
  • Integrating directly with their existing instances of PowerBI and Azure Active Directory allowed them to get running quickly and eliminate duplication of work
  • Responsive design allows their information to be seen on any device without obstructing the overall style and functionality of the site

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