Brainspire Integrates Tuff Shed With Key B2B Partner: Brainspire Solutions Web Development project at Qualified.One

Brainspire Integrates Tuff Shed With Key B2B Partner by Brainspire Solutions

Some details

The Situation

  • Tuff Shed is America',s leading provider of storage buildings and garages and wholesales their product lines through Home Depot 
  • Tuff Shed uses JD Edwards to track and manage manufacturing and purchase orders
  • Tuff Shed manages their own website and a website for Home Depot to help drive sales to the correct channel.  It was estimated that Tuff Shed was losing 40% of
it’s traffic as the website was not adaptive for mobile devices.
  • Tuff Shed had a manual data entry process to receive orders from Home Depot.  
  • The Solution

    • Brainspire implemented a Java based interface with Home Depot to automate the import of purchase orders
    • Brainspire created a website leveraging WordPress that the Tuff Shed marketing department can utilize to meet market demands
    • Brainspire created APIs based on the .Net framework to integrate internal and external 3rd party systems with the website and other back end systems

    The Benefit

    • The new B2B data integration enhanced a major revenue stream for Tuff Shed
    • Tuff Shed now has a public facing website that satisfies their mobile user needs
    • Tuff Shed now has APIs that will assist them with expanding their product design offerings
    • Eliminating manual processes, Tuff Shed was able to reposition data entry personnel to more strategic positions within the organization

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