Mobile App for Wildflower Health: Coherent Solutions App Development project at Qualified.One

Mobile App for Wildflower Health by Coherent Solutions

Some details

Pregnancy is a very vulnerable time both for women and fetuses. Wildflower Health was founded to create a mobile app that would help pregnant women monitor their health, track milestones and get necessary advice without delays. To truly be effective, a pregnant woman needs to be connected to her health care partners - health care plan, employer, and local doctors and hospital.  So to solve the challenges, Wildflower needed to

prove its credibility at the enterprise level.

This is when Coherent Solutions stepped in, providing a strong technical team, which understood the demands of a start-up, such as small budget and strict deadlines, as well as the complexity of the software that connects to large institutions.  Since that beginning, Wildflower Health has grown rapidly.  It is now an innovative leader, recognized by Fast Company’s Top 10 Innovations, having such customers as health plans and Medicaid (U.S. government health insurance for poor people). 

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