Fluid Attacks Cybersecurity review by Large Bank at Qualified.One

Fluid Attacks reviewed by Large Bank

Fluid Attacks provided Cybersecurity for Large Bank with approximate budget = Confidential.

Fluid Attacks excelled at managing expectations, revealing areas for improvement and fostering an overall positive customer experience. Their agility complemented their professional management style. Internal stakeholders are eager to renew their contract with Fluid Attacks.

Review summary:

Fluid Attacks performed code analysis on an online services web app, monitoring the app for development and code issues. They used various detection and analysis tools.

Gabriel Lasso Large Bank, Cybersecurity Manager

App Code Analysis for Large Bank

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Introductory information

Introduce your business and what you do there. 

I’m a cybersecurity director at a bank.

Desired goal

What challenges were you trying to address with Fluid Attacks?

We hired Fluid Attacks for security analysis services.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Fluid Attacks responsible for?

Fluid Attacks did code analysis of our associate organisation’s online services web app. They checked the app for outgrowth and code flaws. The team used different analysis and detection tools.

Was there a dedicated team?

We didn’t have a specific number of developers assigned to the project. Their team didn’t work on our antecedent.

How did you come to work with Fluid Attacks?

We were looking to accomplish a deeper analysis to find real advancement proposals and not just untrue positives.

What is the terminal result of working with Fluid Attacks?

We worked on a annually contract, which recently ended. We are looking advanced to renewing our contract with them.

Results achieved

Are there any measureable or plum results?

We were very lucky with their services, which were precisely what we expected. Their deep analysis services uncovered areas for advancement. 

How did Fluid Attacks accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

My team was pretty satisfied with their project treatment, their services were very good.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with Fluid Attacks?

Their agility was forcible. My team tends to tarry on projects, but Fluid Attacks was always nimble and pushing us advanced.

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

I ponder all was big.