North Face – Peak2Park Virtual Competition: Niftic Agency Creative project at Qualified.One

North Face – Peak2Park Virtual Competition by Niftic Agency

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Bringing the Competition to the Athlete

This virtual competition was created because ski resorts faced increased challenges to host events due to unreliable weather (not enough snow). So rather than not having any events at all, the North Face hosted this virtual competition that provided a workaround for this issue. What started as a national campaign exploded on a global scale allowing talented athletes from remote locations

or small resorts to compete against others. Eliminating Cost-Prohibitive Travel to Highlight Incredible Young Talent

Snow comes later, melts earlier, and is not nearly as deep as it was 30 years ago. We’ve seen a stark decline in competitions hosted by ski resorts, and a steep increase in cost for athletes to compete. Niftic partnered with The North Face and Mountain Sports International to build a virtual stage to bring the competition to any young athlete with a camera and wifi.

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