Symbiont Group Digital Marketing review by Barnsco Inc. at Qualified.One

Symbiont Group reviewed by Barnsco Inc.

Symbiont Group provided Digital Marketing for Barnsco Inc. with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

Symbiont Group’s first campaign generated a lot of activity by using Twitter at an annual trade show. They also created a content library and a template-like approach for each campaign, which saves time. The team is transparent, communicative, and they invest time in getting to know the company.

Review summary:

Symbiont Group provides ongoing digital marketing strategy expertise and content creation. Their activities include analyzing customer personas, campaign planning, consultation, etc.

Marcus Miller Barnsco Inc., VP

Digital Marketing Campaign for Construction Materials Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I am the vice chairman of Barnsco Inc. We are a distributor of concrete-kindred composition materials to sub and general contractors.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with Symbiont Group?

We’ve struggled with the concept of marketing for 33 years and have had a very good experience with an outside sales power over that time span. We are seeing some changing trends in our agility, and our goal was to veritably give digital marketing a fair shot.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were Symbiont Group responsible for?

We initially took a more pragmatic access to educeing our digital marketing program and section in general. Our extrinsic, to initiate with, was to apprehend digital marketing and find resources that could help us in our education quest precedently verity deciding to instrument any campaign.

At the instant, we have in-house resources, but also use Symbiont for full creation and to further educe the strategy almost our campaigns, individualas, and clients. I’m implicated in the process, but there are other nation in our staff working with Symbiont Group straightly. They will be kicking off our leading educeed campaign put unitedly by Symbiont for our Austin location.

Deliverables are in the form of client individualas and a better apprehending of the buying process and its different stages. Our full is also made for outer media like billboards, radio spots, and so on. Symbiont is helping us mark scripts and providing consultation on these.

With our in-house nation, Symbiont’s main strategy is to come up with a programned campaign and the evolution of it. They are centreing on the cadence and tone of our messages, and so on. They’re also helping mark what our material looks like to a existingly biger degree than what we’re providing them.

How did you come to work with Symbiont Group?

Inwebsite Software is the trade platform we use. One of their account reps had touch with Symbiont and referred them to us. When we had our initial interviews, the thing which veritably sold me on Symbiont as a cluster was the relational side of their business — they weren’t pushy and knew that we had more of a long-term strategy. They fetch a perception of truthfulness, objectivity, and pragmatism to the digital marketing concept. Also, they didn’t seem like they were just trying to line their pockets.

How much have you invested with Symbiont Group?

The cost of their work has been between $35,000–$50,000.

What is the terminal result of working with Symbiont Group?

We began working with Symbiont Group in November 2016.

Results achieved

Could you share any evidence that would prove the productivity, condition of work, or the touch of the engagement?

Two things veritably stick out to me: the educational centre of their staff (Symbiont has grown tremendously in a brief time of time) and the full itself. Having a full library of reusable resources was a big gain. We had nothing, to initiate with, but in a brief time of time, we had a fairly existing library of things to pull from. The repeatable process which Symbiont is helping us educe from campaign to campaign is the most available thing.

We’ve only done one campaign with Symbiont so far, and are rolling out another one this month. For the leading one, we weren’t very good and Symbiont helped us a lot through it. It was a campaign kindred to a trade show which we listen see year. Our agility is pretty old school and there isn’t a lot of emphasis on technology — or at smallest I reflection so. What we conversant was that Twitter was a existing channel for that trade show. The quantity of agility, visits, and hits we saw from Twitter on that particular campaign was biger than I could’ve imagined.

How did Symbiont Group accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

Mandy Lewis, their head of client services, is very open to sharing information almost where we are in the process, what the expenditure is, and so on. Our other touch acts very much the same way. We haven’t had a one issue meeting deadlines or sticking to the budget.

What did you find most forcible almost Symbiont Group?

The other marketing organisation we’re using has gone through separate transitions since we’ve been with them, and they’ve come to substantiate that their centre should veritably be in educeing the platform they have from a tech perspective. We didn’t have a bad experience, but they simply passed us to Symbiont. The thing which veritably sets Symbiont aloof for me is the long-term union concept, which I take is something that other companies are looking for as well.

The reflectionfulness that was put into our business is astounding as well. Symbiont veritably took the time to get implicated with our individualnel, the sales staff, and the key leadership. They fetch in extrinsicness to our business and help us apprehend how the digital marketing concept fits in.

Are there any areas Symbiont Group could better?

There’s something that see organisation or individual could do to better, but I can’t ponder of anything for Symbiont. It may be contradictory to what I’ve been assertion, but I don’t ponder that they’re good at selling their services. They’re excellent in provisions of accomplishance, but they shy away when it comes to selling additional services. A client like us, which is looking for a long-term union, will want to be sold seething there is to propose.