Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022 [FOR SMALL BUSINESS]

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content marketing is crucial for growing your  brand and reaching out the right audience without it you will not create  leads increase your conversions or you cannot expand your email list if you keep  up with what your customers want then you will be able to stay ahead of your competition  hey growing people this is me ANILA THILAK like im an entrepreneur im digital marketer  and todays video we gonna discuss about the content marketing trends to watch in 2022 and this  video is particularly for small business owners you will get massive value from this video  to watch it completely so lets go together you know statista found that content marketing  revenue has surpassed 42 billion per year and still is rising as a result many of companies  many of businesses are concentrating on content marketing so focus on the content marketing  strategies that im going to tell in this video and use them in your strategies to make 2022 a  best year for your business so moving with one customer retention high quality content marketing  can significantly attract new customers increase search engine rankings and converts leads however  only few people talks about the content strategies for maintaining the existing customers so here  are some content focused approaches to return your customers interest along after you have closed  the deal the first one is keeping your website up to date contributes good customer experience  encouraging visitors to return more so you have a website right that is your portfolio you are so we  says you are digital products or your testimonials what you are serving everything about you is your  website so keep it up to date that will help you to attract new customers and also the retain or  the what you retain the customers who have already engaged with you second one is examining how  your customers interact with your product after they purchase it so what can you do for that  you can ask for to submit uh review videos about that product or services how they feel about your  product or your server is this there is one of the good way to uh retain your customers and that  will also help you to attract new customers about your proof that is a social proof right third one  is including promotional information compelling product features news about upcoming changes  discounts that could bring disengaged customers back to the fall in your email campaigns so  these are the three tactics you can apply in your business and you get the customer retention lets  move it to the second thing growing popularity of podcast you know there is high demand for  educational podcasts and business podcast there are also many podcasts that are targeted  to entrepreneurs and business owners podcasts are great way to share your information your  experience everything with your audience and they have a great potential for the content marketing  strategy you know podcast insights estimates that there are roughly 2 million podcasts and more  than 48 million podcast episode as of 2021 so you can uh guess the future right its gonna bing  bang podcasting can help the content marketers to share your stories your experience with your  business have you started your business everything about your business you can use them to draw the  attention to the positive aspects of your products services to the niche customers leverage  them on your social media to complement your blog content and you know podcasts have a  personal approach or personal touch with you can give a personal touch with your audience you can  share your stories you can share your experience you can share your thoughts that is not possible  with the text type content so use it maximum and grab the attention with audience and  make a content marketing as a best as possible before moving to the third one i have a  disclaimer if you want to know how can you build a whole business out of content marketing  yeah i have already done a content on that you can check from here i will give in the  description box so moving to third one artificial intelligence technology you know customers expect  the business to react or respond as much quick as possible as a result AI powered chat box are a big  thing and that will be a part of content marketing strategies in 2022 onwards its already there as  a technology improves there will be more tools to analyze the data and creating materials i mean  mortgage materials such as optimized blocks so this automation allows employees to concentrate  on their most important tasks this is one of the important thing now we are with the fourth one  first rate search engine optimization receive consistency is essential for content marketing  you know the content that is unique creative and original indexes more quickly and ranks  higher than the repetitive and low value content you know 95 percentage of users only view the  first page of search results so the potential customers wont see your results if you are not  ranking on the first page or not in the first page in the first five results so optimizing your  content is very worth and it is really important for you to grow your business so for that google  says that use important keywords in your content and focus on specific visiters so google  can recognize your page and determine its relevancy and ranking so optimization is the  important thing for you to grow your business otherwise people will not see your results  whatever quality product you are providing or whatever quality service you are providing  whatever thing you have if people didnt see your content that means you are not growing your  business or you cannot sell any service you can the sales will not happen right content marketing  and search engine optimization are not separate entities they are one both requires each other and  seo friendly content marketing is essential for your success if these informations are helping you  to grow then dont forget to smash the like button that will help me to rank me more and also i can  understand that you are enjoying my video and you know what is my next content its about 7  biggest video mistakes you should know in 2022 that is important thing you to watch right so  dont forget to uh hit the notification buttons that will help you to notify you what is my next  content and they will show you moving to the fifth one documenting your content strategy you know  both established and non-established companies startups have successfully executed the content  marketing strategies without uh documenting the strategies it doesnt have a formal documentation  you know the content marketing institute found that 41 percentage of them lacked documentation  to support their content strategies as content marketing evolves the importance of clearly  defined a content marketing plan will increase so documenting your strategies will help you  to stay organized and much more efficient in 2022. last but the least the sixth one is more  specified content it is really difficult for small business to reach a brand recognition so  its crucial to simplify your content marketing strategies or plan to focus on the best aspects  of your business what makes you unique so stay informed with the latest technologies or latest  development that is happening in your particular niche be updated when youre doing a specialized  content marketing strategies that will help you to reach three goals that is you can create that is  relevant uh to target your audience and stand out from stand out from your competition and establish  your brand and demonstrate your competence and knowledge i think you enjoyed this video the  content marketing trends to watch in 2022 and dont forget my next content that is seven biggest  video marketing mistake you should know in 2022 and if this information helped you to grow then  smash the like button please do that and subscribe my channel for content related digital marketing  entrepreneurship and make money online and 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