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2020 has come to an end and we’re up to our  eyeballs in plans to conquer the CRM world in 2021. So, we asked six content marketing experts  to look into their content marketing crystal balls and share what they see for 2021. We’re NetHunt,  Gmail CRM and content marketing know-it-alls. By the end of this video, you’re going to have  exclusive industry insight from content marketing professionals from Sales Hacker, G2, Cloud Talks,  The Predictive Index, Demio and… NetHunt. Before we begin, press those Subscribe and notification  bell buttons below to get more content like this. Let’s get growing! We asked the experts two  questions. First — Which content marketing strategies should be given up in 2021? And then  — Which content distribution channels will take centre stage next year? First up was Brooklin  Nash, Head of Content creation at Sales Hacker. He reckons that basing SEO content off the highest  volume keywords is outdated for 2021. “Instead of going after these highly competitive topics,  dig deep into the questions and conversations that your prospects have at the bottom of the  funnel (for example not "sales lead generation", but instead "how to export leads from  LinkedIn sales navigator." In terms of content distribution channels, he was first in  a line of many to say marketers should try and replicate the virality of TikTok for B2B. “People  love video, so figuring out how to consistently repurpose your written and audio content into  video will go a long way.” Thank you, Brooklin! David Cacik is the CMO at CloudTalk.  He lives and breathes SaaS marketing. He shares NetHunt’s view that if you’re  not going to promote content properly, there’s no point in making it in the first place.  “Anyone who is putting at least minimal efforts into content creation and not putting equal  efforts into its promotion and distribution should either give it up or double down and do  it properly.” He also believes that Quora and Reddit will be the content distribution channels  to watch in 2021. But he added that laser targeted LinkedIn and Facebook groups are still one of his  favourites. David… we feel like you’re one of us. Next up… one of us! It’s our very own George  Rowlands, NetHunt’s Content Strategy Lead! One thing you should know about George is,  he hates clickbait. He’s hoping that it has all but died a death in 2021. “We need to clean  up the internet, it’s become pretty unbearable with pop-ups, paywalls, and those little cookie  warnings that we need to agree to. Saying goodbye to clickbait is a step in the right direction” In  terms of distribution, George also had a lot to say about video. “ think that there are still gaps  for brands to explore in other forms of video. Short-form video is about to see a big rise in  popularity with TikToks, Reels, and Fleeks taking off. I think even bigger opportunities come with  long-form video such as live streams, where brands can really build up a steady, loyal follower  base by providing a face-to-face experience.” Spot on Georgey boy! Funnily enough Rebecca  Reynoso, someone we’ve worked closely with at G2, also said something along the same lines as George  did. Rebecca also wants to see clickbait die. She believes it’s unsustainable and  the traffic is sporadic and temporary, meaning whatever content your team produces  will have a short shelf life. Instead, she says we should focus solely on long-form,  evergreen content and do away with short-form, time-bound pieces. Like George, she also thinks  that brands should focus on video content in 2021, because there are gaps opening up in short-form  video especially. She says…If brands are smart, theyll start utilizing TikTok. Theres no need  to pour your whole social content strategy into this platform, but viewing it as a value-adding  asset rather than just "an app for kids" will open up so many doors. Look at Ocean Spray among  other brands – they capitalized on the creative use of their product, made the video-maker a brand  ambassador, and drummed up sales on their product. Thanks, Rebecca, we look forward to working with  you even more in 2021! Erin Belsa works for The Predictive Index as the Head of Content Marketing,  and so we were keen to know what she had to say. Getting straight to the point, she told us to Stop  gating every e-book. Stop MQLing content leads and sending them to sales, and focus instead on using  content to generate hand raiser leads. Meanwhile, for distribution strategies, she believes  email newsletters are finally going to take centre stage in 2021 for original, voicy content.  She wants to see better synergy between owned, earned, and paid channels, and as leaders in  the company build personal brands on social, theyll paste their most popular posts right  into the company newsletter. Erin, it was a pleasure! Last but by no means not least, Ashley  Levesque is the Director of Marketing at Demio. She wants to step into a world in 2021 where  spray and pray marketing strategies are finished. She wants to see real content writing strategies  that align goals and KPIs to understand what works and what does. And She wants to see marketing  teams track their progress and be agile enough to adapt as marketing changes. Well said! In  terms of distribution channels, Ashley is also another big fan of video in long and short  form. She said… “If you arent considering YouTube as part of your content strategy, get on  it! The second-largest search engine in the world, and a more personalized content medium - youd  be crazy not to figure out how that platform can best serve your brand. I also think value-added  webinars will be really important next year. 2020 was a huge pivot for a lot of companies  into the webinar world.” We want to say thank you to all the experts that stuck their two cents  in for this video. We hope they have a beautiful… or at least normal 2021… and we’ll be tuned  into all their content distribution channels as they keep fighting the good fight. If you’ve  got any hot predictions for content marketing, content writing, and content strategies in 2021,  hit the comments below! If you want to see even more expert insight, check out the blog article  in the description about this same subject! Join the user community at!  Like and subscribe, don’t forget to watch our next video in the series about email marketing  trends in 2021. It’s NetHunt over and out!

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