Applying gamification to Internet of Things with Kelvin: BeHappy Design project at Qualified.One

Applying gamification to Internet of Things with Kelvin by BeHappy

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The Kelvin Project was a Swiss project aimed to help companies to know the electricity consumption habits of its employees. By using smart meters connected to each work desk, the consumption was measured and wirelessly sent to a central processing unit.


Even though the hardware performed very well, the Kelvin Project wasn',t able to convince the companies about the

value of the installation and the use of the gathered data. BeHappy was requested to create and design a service on top of the hardware that could provide an added value that made the technology attractive to use in this B2B strategy. 


BeHappy created a service that could connect the physical world with a digital platform that could make employees know and improve their electricity consumption habits. Taking the information from the smart meters that informed in real time of the electricity used by the devices of the employees, making consumption the main ingredient of a business game where employees were rewarded by saving costs.


The business game that we created was immediately adopted by companies like Google, Roche, IWB AXPO or Cofely, reaching savings over 50% of their previous cost per employee in electricity use.


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