An ASP.NET Web Application for the Energy Sector: Ballard Chalmers Ltd App Development project at Qualified.One

An ASP.NET Web Application for the Energy Sector by Ballard Chalmers Ltd

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Ballard Chalmers is one of the UK’s foremost experts in energy sector custom software systems development and integration. With a track record of delivering on projects for many of the sector’s major players. 

The relationship with OVO Energy extends back to 2010 and as such, Ballard Chalmers was contracted to develop their software system based on BizTalk Server 2010, ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 R2 and


ASP.NET web pages are used directly by call centre operatives, whilst BizTalk Server handles the business processes, long running transactions and integration with the account management and financial systems that run the business.

The software system automates a number of functions, including: 

Direct Debit Refunds: Allows refunds to be given to individual clients where requested. The system calculates the amount of refund based on the user’s energy consumption.

Direct Debit Review: Recalculates customer direct debits based on their consumption pattern.

 Direct Debit Batch Review: Performs batch review of large numbers of accounts to ensure that direct debits are correct. 

Change of Tenancy: Manages the switching of an account between old and new tenants in rental properties, both of whom have to be contacted to complete the transaction. 

Disputed Reads: Manages the disputed read process which typically occurs when customers switch suppliers and suppliers claim different readings. 

Collection Management: Managing payments from customers that have not managed to keep up with their direct debits, through the use of pre-pay meters and other methods.

Smart Meter Installation: Automated booking system for managing the installation of Smart Meters, for use by the call centre and direct online use by customers.

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