FusePump: STX Next App Development project at Qualified.One

FusePump by STX Next

Some details


FusePump is a strategic partner for brands, helping them understand and apply technology to succeed in digital commerce. Established in 2009, FusePump started by offering technology that scrapes websites and returns organized, high-quality, real-time data. In 2011, the company launched the first ever BuyNow solution which uses the same data-retrieving expertise to connect customers with live

retailer prices.


The client came to us with an idea for the product’s MVP. The system needed to be easy to use and flexible enough to build different types of advertisements. The biggest challenge for FusePump was to provide a common solution for all clients who had different needs.

STX Next Delivered

  • One permanent and one temporary Scrum Team available exclusively to the client
  • A set of features and tools extending the basic functionalities of the platform (e.g. providing a data validation tool and
a data mapping tool)
  • Analysis and ideas for improvements to the development process – delivered as a workshop in the spirit of Lean process management