Programmatic advertising solution: Maxilect LLC Artificial Intelligence project at Qualified.One

Programmatic advertising solution by Maxilect LLC

Some details

Problem: Our client had 7 web portals with unique content and ~15 mln of unique visitors. Major part of online advertising was sold directly (without Programmatic) while ~20% of the traffic was via Yandex RTB platform. The programmatic solutions offered by such major vendors didn’t suit the client’s needs due to the low effectiveness. The clients themselves knew names of the advertising agencies who were buying

client’s ads via RTB.

Solution: We have created a platform which realized the automated process of selling ads via Programmatic Direct model.

Current status:

Integrated with 5+ Demand Side platforms 

Scalable and flexible architecture which allows integration with another Supply Side platforms and Demand Side platforms

Data storage (trades info for the last 4 months, several TBs)

Reporting platform and journal services

Custom data management platform (DMP) block

Supported specifications: OpenRTB, XML, JSON

Technological stack: J2SE, Servlet API, Spring, Tcp sockets, Apache Kafka, HDFS, Hadoop Hive, PostgreSQL, Zabbix.

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