In Force 911 - Emergency Alert System: AndPlus Design project at Qualified.One

In Force 911 - Emergency Alert System by AndPlus

Some details

The Challenge

Every second counts when an emergency is at hand. In Force 911 set out to create a tool that would shave valuable seconds on response time for emergencies at schools, as well as providing open communication with police and school faculty.


Product Map Sprint

In Force came to AndPlus with a legacy application that was working but had some obvious

issues. In this Product Map Sprint, AndPlus worked with In Force 911 in order to do a complete technology audit and provided recommendations to enhance application functionality, resolve some technical debt, and plan for future development.

Along with these technical recommendations, AndPlus worked with the In Force team to understand their users and how they interacted with the current application. 

The output of the Product Map was a prioritized list development tasks (which included a platform deployment schedule), and high-fidelity wire frame ready for development to take and start working from.


Agile Approach

With our product roadmap in hand the team kicked off the design and development process

Two week sprints allowed us to deliver software often and iterate quickly based on feedback and usability testing


The Solution

We set out to deploy a cross platform application using Ionic (w/React) and PhoneGap. With this single code base we were able to deploy iOS, Android, and web applications with the plan to re-release a desktop application with the same codebase (using Elektron) in 2020. The new streamlined UX was structured so that, on any device, the application worked and looked the same reducing user experience thrashing on desktop and mobile. 

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