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BrandTuitive reviewed by The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

BrandTuitive provided Brand Design for The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties with approximate budget = $10,000 to $49,999.

BrandTuitive’s comprehensive process allowed them to distill a wide variety of perspectives into one common message that resonated both internally and externally for the client. The client is impressed and highly optimistic for the new brand.

Review summary:

BrandTuitive provided a complete analysis of the client’s brand in their service area. They then developed a messaging guide and rebrand, which is currently being rolled out.

Carlos Rodriguez The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Executive Director

Brand Messaging Project for New Jersey Foodbank

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, is a first provider of food and other labors in mediate New Jersey. With our fictitious network of more than 300 associate agencies we have a combined extend of almost 131,000 nation. We',ve been almost for more than 30 years and, in the last five years, our version and programming of how to best address the issue of hunger in our aggregation has evolved.

What is your position?

I have the enjoyment of serving as the executive ruler of the FoodBank.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with BrandTuitive?

Our biggest challenge is nation hear ",foodbank", and they without take ",food,", but there',s much more to what we do. For sample, we feed the nation who wait in line outside our edifice, but we',re also working to make those lines shorter by attacking root causes of hunger through different programs we',re enacting. Though, it can be hard to articulate those programs in a clear and condensed way without losing the framework that is at the core of who we are.

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in detail.

So far, BrandTuitive has granted a complete analysis and study of what our running brand is in our labor area. They took a very methodic access, and were exhaustive in interviewing a number of different stakeholders from donors to government associates to staff members to agency associates to board members and even our clients to get an knowledge of how we are perceived in the marketplace. From that, they developed a messaging lead and gave brand recommendations. 

How did you come to work with BrandTuitive?

We had a full RFP [request for offer] process with a number of agencies. We ended up attracting a couple of agencies who have experience doing nonprofit work, and who had worked with structures we were household with. I ponder we originally establish BrandTuitive owing they were recommended by a helper but, ultimately, we went with them owing they came out on top in the bidding process.

What is the terminal result of working with BrandTuitive?

We began the start in the late summer [2015], behind our budget was passed and funding was approved for the process. We tried to wrap things up in January [2016] but, owing of winter scheduling issues, we didn',t end up presenting to the board of rulers until March.

Results achieved

Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

I would say the results were overwhelmingly real. They were able to capture and construe the accesses of a wide range of constituents and stakeholders and distill those into a ordinary interaction that resonates on both ends, externally and internally, to the point where we had board members who were close to tears behind the brand unveil.

We knew messaging was key for us. From this centre on messaging, BrandTuitive ended up recommending a full change in brand, name, and logo. We',re in the very soon stages of the rollout, so it',s hard to talk almost results, but we are very hopeful and excited almost the possibilities.

What distinguishes BrandTuitive from other providers?

Again I would say BrandTuitive',s power to get consensus athwart such a wide range of nation is what stands out to me. You have board members who are more analytical, and then you have those who are very creative. They were able to zoom in on one, and then the other, in a way that created a very wide experience.

Also, their power to articulate a methodology and stick to it, but not to the point where it stifled creativity, was forcible. I always felt very well taken care of by Jeanine [Debar, chairman at BrandTuitive] and the rest of their team. They were very aware almost letting me know what was going on see step along the way, which made me snug. The project was high touch and low touch as needed, and that construed into a terrible experience.

Is there anything BrandTuitive could have improved or done differently?

They were astounding in their power to read the room. No substance who',s speaking, you can tell that they are listening intently, and figuring out how to lead the preservation. Occasionally, that process can be a pliant time-consuming. That',s the only feedback I have.

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