TestSuite Solution for MTS Systems: Coherent Solutions App Development project at Qualified.One

TestSuite Solution for MTS Systems by Coherent Solutions

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It’s a common myth that to practice agile approach to software development team members need to be, if not in the same office, then at least in the same time zone. One of the core principles of Agile is flexibility, which can be achieved by daily stand-ups and other communication tools. Intuitively you would think that an overseas outsourcing company might not be the best choice when you need an Agile project. MTS Software

Development Manager Scott Fawcett can give a testimonial to prove otherwise. MTS Systems is a leading provider of a variety of systems and materials testing services. It started collaborating with Coherent back in 2007 on a pilot project, which was used more conventional approaches. That’s why when Fawcett needed to form a team for TestSuite, a project that required Agile processes, he wasn’t confident, whether Coherent would tackle it. However, he decided to give it a try. Nowadays TestSuite is one of many other Coherent projects, that prove how beautifully Agile and “outsourcing” can sound together. Even though much of the credit goes to MTS’ expertise, Fawcett says that “we couldn’t have done it without Coherent’s team. There were also some other factors at play, such as a wise decision to invite Minsk team to train on-site and bond with American colleagues. To sum Coherent Solutions and MTS 10+ years relationship Fawcett says: “Coherent consultants are being treated today as if they are MTS developers. They are factored into our scheduled releases going forward. They’ve got the flexible resources we need to succeed in an agile environment.”

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