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Buildertrend - Brand Evolution by Daake

Some details

Buildertrend, the leading construction management software company, made a name for itself by empowering professionals who love projects, but hate the tedious management involved.

In a short time, Buildertrend’s platform became more sophisticated and its need for additional staff continued to grow. However, as the company matured and evolved, its brand did not. With a brand exuding the personality and feel of a

startup rather than a highly motivated, innovative company, Buildertrend’s position as industry leader became susceptible to a weakened industry presence.

Buildertrend recognized a need to re-evaluate its vision, mission and overall brand strategy in order to continue dominating the industry. This bold, innovative company had built a highly motivated internal culture and a powerful, industry-changing product. It was time to bring its brand to the same level. Its delicate cloud icon and soft logotype needed to communicate that same competitive spirit and customer-empowering appeal. It needed a remodel.

From there, Daake guided the company’s leadership team through a strategic process to strengthen the brand’s foundation. Through exploration and discussion, an evolved vision, mission and other core brand elements were established.

Equipped with a clearly defined brand foundation and detailed set of guidelines and identity elements, Buildertrend has a system of tools to help effectively elevate its brand in the minds of both internal and external audiences, further positioning the company for sustained success.

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