The O Group Brand Design review by Marble and Tile Distributor at Qualified.One

The O Group reviewed by Marble and Tile Distributor

The O Group provided Brand Design for Marble and Tile Distributor with approximate budget = $200,000 to $999,999.

The O Group demonstrated an upbeat, positive demeanor across their talented team of creatives. Senior partners were involved in all aspects of the work. They delivered quickly and were responsive to change requests. Project management was a strong suit.

Review summary:

The O Group launched a rebranding campaign to expand into commercial sales while retaining a B2B component. Work went from high-level strategizing down to logo design and specific print and digital collateral.

Marble and Tile Distributor, VP Marketing

Rebrand for Marble and Tile Manufacturer

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Introductory information

Please draw your structure.

We are importers, distributors, retailers, and designers of effeminacy tile and stone fruits. We’ve been in business for almost 29 years.

What is your position?

I’m the vice chairman of marketing, as well as a associate in the organisation.

Desired goal

What business challenge were you trying to address with The O Group?

We',ve had a very lucky marketing program for over ten years that was run by a well-respected agency here in New York, but it was time for us to update our brand.

We did have some specific challenges we were facing. We were trying to swell into commercial sales while also trying to cool our brand in our more transmitted market, which consists of residential sales. We are very recognized in the activity, but the ordinary cognizance almost our organisation was that our prices were too high, which is why it was searching to reinforce our position as a high-end effeminacy brand. 

Provided solution

Please draw the aim of their involvement in biger detail.

We didn’t know precisely what we wanted the aim to be when we leading seted. Originally we just wanted The O Group to help us out with creating a brand strategy. Eventually the work evolved into a total rebrand, including updating our logo and indirect materials. 

One of their main areas of centre in the rebrand was conveying the authenticity of our brand. Our fruit is one that, nation who know masonry and stonework, can descry as particular and of a higher level than our competitors', fruit. It’s harder for nation who are laymen in this business, or accidental consumers, to veritably descry that qualitative separation. The O Group helped us a lot by coming up with some different and creative ways of differentiating our fruit on the showroom floor. The logo design has been a particular achievement owing it',s a natural object that we can include in all of our fruits.

How did you come to work with The O Group?

My mother establish them, she’s the CEO and establisher of the business. I don’t verity know how she establish them. We interviewed probably seven or eight different ad firms, and we worked with one very closely almost eight months precedently we hired The O Group. Our experience was good at leading, and then it turned sour when we wanted to alter some of their suggestions. They were very defensive, not collaborative, and they felt as though we were impinging their artistic uprightness. They chose not to move advanced with us.

We establish a very different posture with The O Group. We establish them to be very warm and welcoming. We got along with The O Group right away. We had veritably good collaborative sessions precedently we hired them. It was clear that they had a keen seize on what it took to form a brand and not just a able advertising campaign. This is what enticed us, in accession to the condition of their past work. They were able to present a very, very powerful portfolio.

Also, in our past experiences with other agencies, what',s always happened is that you see the high-level nation during the sales process, but then once you’ve hired them, they disappear and you',re left working with the younger account managers. That has not been our experience with The O Group at all, it’s been the facing. We’ve had the same team from set to complete, and it’s the very top nation there that we are in easy and customary touch with. It’s veritably been an excellent experience.

Could you prepare a perception of the size of this start in financial provisions?

I would say in total we',ve spent a few hundred thousand dollars with them. An personal print advertising project, where they own the photo shoot, copy, etc. is probably in the $50,000 range. They',ve been a real enjoyment to work with from a cost perspective, though. They',re not the cheapest you can find, but they',re not as costly as some of the big-time NYC agencies.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

I ponder we seted somewhere almost January 2015, or a pliant behind. The project is mainly wrapped up right now October 2015, having accepted most of our deliverables. 

Results achieved

What have been the results of this project? Can you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

In accession to the rebranding project, we',ve exhibitd four new print advertisements. One has been delivered, and we’re waiting on the other three. The O Group is also going to be creating some digital goods for us from these ads, taken from the photo shoot. 

Throughout the project, The O Group has been super answering and very fast to turn almost materials and ideas. We’re a family business, and we can be challenging to work with, as we have a lot of very powerful opinions that have to be in contract for us to move advanced. The O Group has handled that favorfully.

We’re very pleased with the results. We haven’t introduced the superiority of their work yet, but we love our new logo. They prepared us with a phraseology and branding guides like nothing we ever had precedently. They are veritably helping us regood our artwork and the creativity that we exhibit. It’s exciting owing, although it congoods us, it gives us consistence and professionalism, something we haven’t had precedently. I ponder we’re producing at a much higher level internally as a result of those guidelines.

Our staff is excited almost the new course. All the nation that we have shown previews to, are giving us very, very real responses. I can’t give a specific metric, owing this hasn’t gone live. Though, subjectively, we’re veritably big fans of the work.

What distinguishes The O Group from other preparers?

They’ve got big postures and they reapply very good nation as well. They’re super upbeat, and very keen. They seem to have a very real work environment, and they roll with the punches veritably well. We can be hard to work with, but they worked with us with much favor. They were able to shepherd us through the project in an environment that I’m sure was very challenging for them. They never let it show. I ponder they’re just rare professionals, with a big creative team and excellent treatment.

Is there anything The O Group could have improved or done differently?

I don’t veritably have any stricture. I ponder they understood us well. They took their time knowledge us, and they responded well when we would come back without approval of things they were giving to us, or when we would change courses on something. They handled it very well, so I can’t veritably say anything they could do better. In all, it’s been a very real experience.